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Bridge Linking Jonathan’s LG collapses, Residents Stranded


A major bridge linking Emeyal, Kolo and Otuoke community in Ogbia, the Local Government Area of former President Goodluck Jonathan, with neighbouring communities have collapsed and cut off the area.

Residents were thus rendered stranded following the collapse of the bridge in their area which caved in under the weight of a heavy truck.


The dumbstruck residents said the bridge was constructed over 33 years.

It was gathered that the truck laden with chipping tried to cross the bridge unsuccessfully as the concrete columns and pillars holding the bridge gave way.

Giving an account of the incident, Precious Okala, who is the clan President-elect of Obahn Emeyal Youth Council, said the bridge had depreciated over time and was due for maintenance.

He said it has not been maintained since it was constructed in 1986.

The collapsed bridge and the chipping-laden truck inside the river [Photo courtesy: The Nation]
The Youth President-elect, Elebele community, Okala Azibola, described the incident as tragic and called on the government and other relevant authorities including the oil multinationals operating in the area to come to their aid.

Residents and travellers were seen patronising canoe paddlers to cross to other communities for their daily activities.

It was gathered that no life was lost as the driver of the truck and three other passengers were rescued alive with minor injuries.

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