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Budget padding is inevitable – Senator Enang

The manner in which appropriation bills of the country were considered and passed by the National Assembly over the years, by only focusing on major sectorial

allocations in the budget proposals, while leaving other sectorial allocations in the hands of appropriation committees, are the causes of budget padding.

This is the assertion made by Senior Special Assistant to the president Mohammadu Buhari, on National Assembly matters (Senate) Senator Ita Enang.

He said “There is the common practice that after bills may have been passed by the senate and the House of Representatives, the legal department now re-drafts the bills, perhaps changing certain words to give them a presentation in a legal draftman’s perfect legislative draft”.

This in my view is inconsistent with the provision of the law”.

Enang made the assertion while presenting a key note address, during his paper presentation at the Legislative Lawyers Forum, by the Nigerian Bar Association, at the just concluded 2016 Nigerian Bar Association week.


He emphasized that the practice must be stopped, if padding of the budget must be brought to an end.

He reiterated that as practiced in the current dispensation since 1999, legislators bureaucracy and not legislator in session makes the law by making the final draft of such laws, before forwarding such bills already passed by legislators in session to the president or governor for assent through the clerk to the parliament.


It will be noted, for the past weeks there has been uproar in the House of Representative pertaining to budget padding, where it is alleged that some executives of the House of Representatives allocated to themselves large chunk of money in terms of constituency allowance, to the detriment of other members of the house.

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