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Buhari and Covid-19 Global Pandemic

By Mike Onwukwe

It will hang around his neck like the Sword of Damocles. Thanks to Corona Virus.  Something bad has been added to the label and docket of poor rudderless Nigeria government. Our absent minded and De jure President has his shoulders to the sky.

Unconcerned, quite indifferent and nonchalant to the danger staring at us. No plans whether short, immediate or long term to mitigate the threat of Covid 19 that is pummeling the planet earth. Socially dissociated and detached from reality, the aloof president trudges from one misstep to near fall.

So, disassociated that he neither rules nor governs. And what do we have in the pervading anomie – a de facto President Mr. Kyari unleashed.

Having tested positive to Covid-19 and too busy to jail the former Head of Civil service Mrs Oyo-Itta, he was unable to submit himself to test and subsequent self-isolation until he started coughing ceaselessly during the last Federal Executive Meeting in Abuja that made members raise eye bros. When Kyari finally tested, he was positive, and he had to recoil and go into isolation and not before he had Boss Mustapha SG FGN to suspend the FEC to emasculate the errand boy VP Osinbajo. While the De jure President is in his traditional stupor, the De facto president is under quarantine and the governance of the county is on cruise control. This is because of the absence of the above trio. Getting to know the truth about governance in this crisis is as good as looking for hen’s teeth. No one seems to be in control and the inmates are running the prisons.

Ex VP Atiku’s son tested positive after a trip from abroad. Some say he gallivanted enough before being forced to be tested; senators who returned from UK trip refused to go for test; and there are rumors that some expatriates working in either Dangote group or other multinationals are infected and are refusing to be tested. And you may wish to ask many testing kits are there in this country of the confused?

Everyone is as confused as the confined president and his team. He has been for foot-dragging and clearly reluctant to speak. And speak he did few days ago and the exposed what we all know about. Covid 19 became Crono Virus, Covoid One Nine and other variable caustic vocabularies. All other progressive nations had their leaders speak to the worried citizenry ranging from US Trump to Canada’s Trudeau and UK Boris Johnson. Back home in Africa, Ghana and SA’s Presidents are regularly updating their countrymen but not so with Nigeria where stillness, hush and dumb is the case. With all these which one is more injurious to the country – the Corona pandemic or still and comatose president who relishes in utter frenzy?

Documented history has a way of carefully keeping tab on everyone without fail. While some people are reminisced with thunderclaps of improprieties and curses, others are revered with their good deeds long way after life. The living must make that ultimate choice and what choice has your president made in the face of the anomie?  A president hounded by curses from the governed is a bad one because                      some curses lead people to early and untimely death. He can excel in destroying his own and his peoples’ destiny but destroying other peoples’ destiny attracts swearwords. The Yoruba proverb has it that a king must walk gradually but then, where else a man could be rushing to after becoming a king?

Mike Onwukwe, an international security professional can be reached via mikeonwukwe @gmail.com.

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