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Buhari Are You Scared Of Orji Uzor Kalu? Igbos Must Adopt Uwazuruike’s Philosophy

By Sir Augustine Ike

Is Orji Uzo Kalu from Nnewi or Anambra, what then is the business of the Publicity Secretary of Nzuko-ora Nnewi? My business is Igbo Economy gradually being eroded into the Fulani’s Federal Government of Nigeria.

Nigerians must learn to differentiate between justice and blackmail. The etymology of justice is from the Latin word jus: which means RIGHT. Therefore, the concept justice inherently calls on all who adopt it to do right.
Thus the coinage from Caeser Garlic War “Oh judge be just” and Shakespeare in Macbeth holds “right is right, left is left”

I am one of the advocates that good must be done, evil avoided. A coinage from Kantian categorical imperative. Thus, our society must be corruption free if it must grow.

Lets concede withput absolutely admitting that Orji Uzo Kalu stole about seven billion naira from Abia state government treasury. I coined it like this because Kalu has not exhausted his legal options on the subject matter.
The big question is what is the value of SLOK conglomerate, before Orji Uzo Kalu assumed the office of the governor of Abia state?
We must bear in mind that Kalu during his campaign categorically stated that he was reacher than Abia state government and nobody not even his opponents then disputed Kalu’s claims.

Another question is , shpuld the court join SLOK conglomerate in her judgement givem that Kalu is not the sole Director of the company?

Though not verified but verifiable, if SLOK conglomerate is worth over three hundred billion naira and Kalu as a director is charged for fraud of seven billion naira , how else can we explain the judgement thay government used to acquire SLOK conglomerate without saying they in turn are about to commit a counter fraud of over two hundred and fifty billion naira if they succeed in acquiring SLOK conglomerate as a result of seven billion naira fraud.

Is SLOK conglomerate not a legal person within the provisions of the company allied ACT? Is their any evidence that the company participated in the government of Orji Uzo Kalu; given that they are too different legal persons?

We must not forget in a haste that this same government drpoped charges of over hundred billion naira against Akpabio. This same government further drooped a charge of 25 billion naira against Danjuma Goje. That of nineteen billion naira against T. Sylva and the list continues ad infinitum , because people like Bola Tinubu, Babashir Lawal among others are apparently above the law .

When we were in secondary school, history was still in the secondary school curricilum and i was thought that the Fulani people used jihad to conquer the Northern part of Nigeria , but i remember that the part they couldn’tconquer the Hausa inhabitant aided them , because the only thing the Fulani needed to do was to blackmail their leaders.
Though that was in 1808 or there about and i wish to believe that those who applied the method are all dead. Meanwhile, those Hausa people who killed their leaders and paved way for the Fulani people wherever they are now will wish for a second chance to rewrite their wrong.

I have always find reason to believe that no igbo is margenalised in this Nigeria, though in every bend the Federal Government try to proof me wrong.
The other time was Dr. Cletus Mmadubugwu Ibeto’s Cement was practically closed down by the same Federal Government , for whatever reason, but its more glaring that they wanted Dangote’s monopoly in the Cement business.
I do not wish to keep enlisting businesses that were killed by the Federal Government owned by the igbos, However, I have made peace with the fact that virtually all business policies are targeted on controlling the igbo economy designed to die with the Civil War, but failed as a result of the igboman’s creative ingenuity.

Could it be that Kalu through his political sagacity have made sufficient in road into the Northern political class and needed to be silenced before 2023 for people like Tinubu among others to fly?
What are the chances of Kalu in being the next president of Nigeria of Igbo extraction of such a thing is ever possible?

The most unfortunate thing about this judgement is that because i understand Hausa language, so belong to many Hausa social media group; this political imprisonment of Orji Uzo Kalu is not celebrated in the Northern part of this country, but the East or South East. What really do the average igbo man desires?

Igbos are busy sharing posts where Kalu was regretting assisting the Igbos as a basis for celebrating this selective justice. Thereby laying credence to the fears of Orji Uzo Kalu about the average igboman’s political orientation.

If this matter gets to appeal and igbos do not come together in solidarity for Orji Uzo Kalu, then we are worst than the saboteur Ojukwu assumed us to be at a point in our history.

Nigeria cannot be reduced to Animal Farm situation where ‘all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others”

Until there’s general prosecution of all corrupt Nigerian politicians and their associates, IGBOS MUST WITH ONE VOICE CONDEMN THE IMPRISONMENT OF ORJI UZO KALU, if we fail to do so, we must add it to one of the things we lost with the Biafran struggle.

Sir Augustine Ike KSJI
Ikedoji of Nnewi

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