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Buhari Bribes National Assembly members with N100bn for Constituency Projects


We were promised that all these loopholes through which NASS members siphon our commonweal will disappear once the ‘messiah’ appears!

NOW we are hearing that the presidency have finally caved in to the demands by members of the National Assembly for the release of N100 billion meant for constituency projects before they consider and approve any request from the executive arm of government.

Several legislative approvals sought by President Muhammadu Buhari have suffered defeats or delays in recent weeks, particularly the request for the $30 billion external borrowing plan, the 2017-2019 Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF) and Fiscal Strategy Paper (FSP), and virement of N180 billion in the 2016 budget.

THISDAY reports so far, about 50 per cent of the constituency funds have been quietly released through the Ministry of Power, Works and Housing, National Commission for Refugees and other ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs) of government.

Sources told THISDAY that the leadership of the National Assembly secured commitments from the presidency for the release of the funds.

Indications that the lawmakers may be somewhat appeased emerged as the leadership of the House of Representatives yesterday passed a motion mandating its Committee on Appropriation to consider the request for the virement of N180 billion.

If Baba cannot manage our economy can he at least fight corruption?

  • Before the election I stated that Buhari’s lack of knowledge on how today’s economies work and his track record of surrounding himself with loyalists rather than knowledgeable people is not what Nigeria needs.
  • 2 years down the road I have UNFORTUNATELY been proved right!
  • Before the elections, some of my well meaning friends truly believed that Buhari will come and fight corruption and that on its own will solve our economic problems.
  • So today, having given up any hope that ‘any economic good can come out Buhari’s Nazareth ‘ , I am saying Buhari should AT LEAST fight corruption
  • 2 years down the road UNFORTUNATELY he does not seem to be interested in fighting corruption. So far the ONLY corruption that seems to have happened in Nigeria is Dasukigate.
  • —$20 billion missing from NNPC? Dambazu ? Buratai and his Dubai school of savings? Madam P and her gifts from friends and associates including her grandma? Amaechi and the numerous petitions against him with EFCC? SGF Lawal and his multimillion contract for grass cutting in IDF camp?etc
  • Now after posturing , Baba is releasing billions to NASS as ‘constituency projects’! Really?

Where is the change ?


Photo-Speak! Goodluck Jonathan Somewhere in Sokoto.

It is the highest point of NAIVETY to dismiss the Sokoto “Come Back Jonathan” Crowd as “RENTED”.

“About a year ago you wouldn’t even get a crowd to rent against MBuhari in places like Sokoto.” Something has changed since 2015. #THINK!

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