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Buhari: Cross Road to Damascus


“Campaigns are over; Get to work Buhari; call back those you perceived as enemies to teach you how to run the economy in this trying times and save Nigeria from this shameful economic anarchy.” 

Like the popular assertion in the Holy book where God descended on Saul through lightening and asked, “Saul! Saul!!, why art thou persecuting me?”, the same query seems to be rendering through the atmosphere of the country as the answers to same question remained sketchy as answered by Saul whom God  later changed his name to Paul. 

The present terrain that has saturated the atmosphere has placed and inundated several persons at the close range of lost in words and extinct in ideas and what next to do. The budget which has become like the ark of the country’s economy hope has become dangling for months before it saw the apex table of the sacred chambers. Even though it was acclaimed nationalwide to have been borrowed or copied from the past administration of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. 

Suffix it to say that, even after the slow pace of putting the entire budget together was greeted with several disappointments and disapprovals from the populace has been called back, stolen and re-written in a hotel for reasons best known to the planning henchmen who runs the affairs of the corridor of the villa that is built on the rock.

The reactions, rather than accepting, and working on its lapses has bitterly given rooms to blame game and ceaseless cards of vengeance and vindictive practices which we witness and still witnessing on a daily basis, thereby  perceiving  every outspoken idol as an enemy of the presidency. Shame!

Since the retrieval of the said budget into an unknown closet, the country has taken a nose dive into a retrogressive circle, elucidations has remained very far from those who likened the law as puppet because of its immediate sudden disappearance from operation. The Nigeria Bar Association (NBA), despite their lamentations, has been dismissed with a wave of cecity as their supposed participation has been rejected and derelict in all facets of legal inclusion in the country’s affairs. Violation of court order has been treated with the very least credit to its cause of recognition. A country, gradually sliding into oligarchy and military delusion. 

Without mincing words, the supercilious and vituperations of the presidency, which many out of credence and intellectual insolvent likened to be among the grandiloquent mantra called change, is nothing but cupidity of recreant and pretentious decadence. 

The recent slide of the naira paying unceasing opprobrium homage to foreign currencies has catapulted our future into the melancholic dregs of denigration. 

Rather than face that which has embarrassingly remain a gratuitous disgrace, the presidency has refused to stop waving the ember of diversionary tactics by quelling every perceived umbrage that will demand diaphanous promises they made when they cunningly cajoled the innocent populace into registering their vacuity under the scorching sun.

It is therefore laughable and erroneously nefarious waste of valuable months in the office without anything being recorded as arid as the sands of Sahara. The high level of acrimonious display of stagnancy is not only a depredator of time but has unbrazenly elucidated their concave of empty personnels running the affairs of intelligent 200 million Nigerians, hence, our present economy situation is as bare as a stone. All these clustered together is no excuse of sedentary declivity of not  applying what it truly takes to rule and possibly pishoque Nigeria to where it belongs in the world economy table.  

We will be deader than the dead if we continue to accept the insurrection desultory of incompution lies told by captains of Buhari whose only view to plunge our country into intermission of ineffable mendaciousness is unrepentant propaganda that are being told like tales all in the name of chasing our lost funds that are nothing but mere huge occidental arithmetical aspersions abroad. 

Get to work and desist giving unquixotix lassitude of debility because, Nigeria of today has graduated over thirty years ago when you came in with horse whip to silence every tongue that speaks the truth. We thank the supreme Deity whose eyes sanctioned Nigeria into democracy even though, is still abused without rebuke.

Saul saw the light and later became an apostle of truth. That is what we expect from your types that are already at the departure lounge and not to take us into furlough of empty space that is as bad as the itch.  Nigerians craved for a record to be remembered for and not a government of witchcraft and wizardous enterprise. 

Massive unemployment, hunger, power outage, every man has become a security unto himself, individual provisos of water and everyday retrenchment from existing manageable outfits. All these, has become our lots and the calamity it poses before our very eyes can best be described in inquietude of occumenical viscid delinquent  without us acknowledging our transgressions. 

Campaigns are over; Get to work Buhari; call back those you perceived as enemies to teach you how to run the economy in this trying times and save Nigeria from this shameful economic anarchy. 

Prince Chux-Davix

National Coordinator, Rescue Nigeria for Nigerians 

Email: chuxdavix@yahoo.com, Twitter: @karapadanny‎

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