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Buhari Has Dumped Restructuring, Confab Report In Garbage, Southern & Middle Belt Leaders Lament

Leaders from the Southern and Middle Belt geo-political zones have lampooned President Muhammadu Buhari over his nonchalant attitude towards restructuring and the 2014 National Conference Report handed over to him.

The call came just ahead of the Peoples Democratic Party [PDP] convention tomorrow, October 6 in Port Harcourt.

Speaking in a press statement on Friday, various leaders of the zones expressed great dismay that despite campaigning on the pledge to restructure Nigeria, President Buhari and his party, the All Progressives Congress [APC] has reneged on their promise.

Excerpts from the statement reads:

“Nigeria needs urgently a leader who knows that the first urgent business that confronts Nigeria from May next year is to restructure the country in order to return it to the practise of Federalism so every corner of Nigeria can become productive and the various nationalities can live in peace and harmony in a conducive atmosphere productivity will provide.”

“Such a visionary should green-start the rebuilding of our fallen walls and bring healing to the land by summoning ALL to the table of brotherhood and give a sense of belonging to the constituent units of the country with devolution of powers to the constituent units a priority so all sections of Nigeria can develop at their pace with the strong pulling up the weak and not disabling everyone to be at the level of the weak.”

“It is this commonality that has made us to forge a common  front with the Northern Elders Forum under the aegis of Nigerian Leaders and Elders Forum and we are all on the same page on the need to restructure Nigeria.”

“We have put this task on the table of the opposition because the government in power has over the last three years oscillated between dismissing the call for restructuring and the smokescreen of the El-Rufai panel on restructuring whose report is now in the archives where the President promised to dump the 2014 National Conference Report handed over to him.

“To expect it to restructure Nigeria is akin to expect a marble statue to shed tears.”

The leaders, therefore, urged PDP to produce a candidate that will place restructuring on his top burner if they need their support.

Signatories to the press statement include:

  • Chief E.K Clark, Leader, South-South
  • Chief Ayo Adebanjo, Leader, South West,
  • Chief John Nwodo, Leader, South East, and,
  • Dr Pogu Bitrus, Leader, Middle Belt.

The full statement will be published in the subsequent bulletin.

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