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Buhari, His Non-Blind Supporters and the Economy 


Buhari with his newly appointed adviser on social media, Bashir Ahmad

I am not disturbed by the semi-lettered. I am bothered that many a lettered (specifically, self acclaimed non-blind Buhari supporters) who know economics better than myself have refuse to agree that the present economic problems of Nigeria are a direct consequence of past profligacy of government officials and today’s collapse of oil prices.

ABOVE PHOTO: Buhari with his newly appointed adviser on social media, Bashir Ahmad

And they know better than me that there’s no immediate solution to economic problems as ours. Still, they know that the president is doing a lot in bringing lasting solution to the problems. 

Even while they knowingly refuse to know, none of them use any made in Nigeria product to grow the Naira. They don’t use Peugeot that is assembled in Kaduna let a lone Innoson that’s made at Nnewi. They have refuse to establish as small as a pencil or toothpick factory.

Meanwhile, when the territorial integrity of a nation is at stake, I never expect he who sees with his eyes to use his tongue to complain about the economy. Someone on Facebook, a PhD holder for that matter disappointingly said the ONLY thing Buhari has done since May last year was curbing the insurgency.

In December last year, I said on the BATV that by the mere fact that we are in our homes not IDPs Camps, we should be grateful to God and thank Him for Buhari. I said in bold terms that were Jonathan still in power, the story would have been entirely different.

On the same program, I noted that even if Buhari could only return the Nigerian system to normalcy in 2yrs we will appreciate. Here you are in a nation where certain people had held the country hostage for 16yrs and in the period virtually destroyed Nigeria’s government extant bureaucracies.

Apart from this, state governors are not helping matters. Most of them are not far away from noise makers. Only few of our governors are aware that they have a micro-economy to manage. Many of Nigeria’s state governors aren’t only waiting for grants from Abuja, they are also waiting for grants from Abuja to siphon.

I am not holding brief for anyone and despite that I may be labeled a Buhari blind apologist, I insist we remain as fair as possible on all matters and no matter who is involved.

In fairness to the Buhari regime thus, it has good intentions and plans and its making concerted efforts to save us from post-colonial slavery except for the fact that everyone is bound to make mistakes and therefore stand to be called upon to corrections. Let’s support and pray fervently for the success of Buhari – for, his success is ours.

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