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Buhari: Impunity and her Audacity! ~ By Onyemaechi Ogbunwezeh


Hypocrisy is edified, when impunity claims to be fighting corruption. Hilarity laughs our audacity to scorn, when fraudulence girds her loins to battle impropriety! Anyone, who elects to cheer-lead such inane theatricals, has either a hat-rack for a brain; or is allergic to reality. This inheres in the fact, that a kingdom cannot be divided against itself.

Any doubts that Buhari is a thoroughly corrupt man, has fizzled away in the face of Ibe Kachikwu’s recent bombshell of revelations. Ibe Kachikwu may have unwittingly fired the first shots, in what may be a long, hard, war to wrest Nigeria from the strangulating clutches of the cabal, holding her by the jugular.

Apparently, Buhari, through Maikanti Baru awarded a contract steeped in corruption and lack of transparency like he did all through his tenure at NNOC, and the PTF. He did not go through the board for confirmation. This is because the goals were suspect. The opacity of that impenetrable process, which saw Maikanti Baru, single-handedly awarding contracts worth the sum total of the country’s annual budget, without the approval of the board appointed to that effect, beats any Black hole one can ever imagine.

The fraud is so brazen, and so gigantic; the impunity, so audacious, that these guys thought, that they would get away with it; or that no one would believe it even if they get to know. So much so that they had no plan B. They never even cared, to invent fictions to placate outraged Nigerian nerves, in case they were caught. That shows you the depth of contempt, in which this government holds Nigerians.

That is the character of impunity and her audacities.

This is a government that wants to borrow 30 billion Dollars. Yet, have the resources to misappropriate 26Billion dollars.

What are they not telling us here?

I will vehemently resist the temptation, to call President Muhammadu Buhari a rogue. But I make bold to say, that Buhari is running a government of rogues, if he is not a rogue himself. He should come out and tell Nigerians the truth about that scandal. It cannot be wished away just like the 53 suitcases filled with foreign currencies, that his government made to disappear in 1984; in the Emir of Gwandu saga.

His silence is unacceptable. We elected him. He owes us that responsibility. The roguery is mind boggling.

The cabal of primeval avarice, ruling Nigeria, was shocked into frozen immobility by Kachikwu’s effrontery. They were devastated by the revelation. This new incarnation of the old Kaduna-mafia, was gradually making Nigeria all about the North. No resource is spared to masquerade their plunder of Nigeria in altruistic terms. Every major oil company was arm-twisted into agreeing to plunge 100 million Dollars a year into developing the Northeast. As if the Northeast is the only place that needs such intervention in Nigeria.

The Niger Delta, which was converted into an ecological wasteland, by the collaboration between Nigerian government’s culpable myopia and the vultures of international oil buccaneering; is yet to cleaned up. The Niger Delta was the golden goose laying our golden eggs, don’t forget.

Every opportunity is converted into making it all about the North at the expense of every other constituent part of Nigeria. Do I talk about Buhari’s lopsided appointment? Northerners took the major and juicy positions of power against the federal character principles; which though, an incubator of mediocrity, was designed to take cognizance of fairness in distribution of goods and positions of state.

Such a network of circumstances; which were engineered to benefit the tiny elite ruining Nigeria; has not always been taken lying down by the oppressed Nigerians.

This situation is why there has been agitations through the length and breadth of the country at the moment. It was this mind-boggling thievery that made Yusuf Mohammed believe that a Sharia-based planks of revolutionary morality, would solve Nigeria’s problems.

It was this same amoral roguery; which is congenitally not only ruthless; but also inhuman; and the sense of injustice it generated, which made Saro Wiwa take to the streets; to challenge the murderous impunity of a megalomanic Sani Abacha. Abacha hanged him for his troubles, doused his remains in tanks of acid; to embezzle his memory.

The same injustice midwifed Asari Dokubo and his boys, taking to to the creeks; armed to wreck vengeance on Nigeria, until their voices were heard. They held Nigeria on the throat for as long as it took to settle certain archipelagos of greed. They dropped their agitation after some billions left the Nigerian treasury to decorate some private pockets. The militants were appeased. But the exploitation continued. The ecological imbalance stayed. The poverty quadrupled. And the poor? Shortchanged!

It was the same set of circumstances, that raised Nnamdi Kanu from the peripheries of insignificance, to the status of stinging rebuke to all Nigeria stood for. For him, Nigeria was worse than a zoological garden, unfit for human habitation. He believed that the solution to that problem is Biafra.

Today, the corruption exposed by Kachikwu cannot be wished away or swept under the carpet. He may have set in motion a process that may outlive him.

I fear for Kachikwu’s life. I fear for his health.

Many such whistleblowers have been framed, decapitated and their heads gracing pikes, to teach anyone nursing such effrontery, of the ultimate destination of such brazen affront on greed.

Impunity and her brazen audacities has exposed yet another Nigerian president pretending to integrity. Nigerian leadership seems to be the greatest monument to stupidity, ever erected on the African continent.

And Buhari’s silence in the face of this monumental corruption revealed by Kachikwu, is not doing that image any favors.

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