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Buhari Is Not Fit, He Should Go And Rest ~ By Uche Samuel

Buhari is clearly unwell.  There is no doubt about that. Everyone who keenly observed the events of the last few days would definitely feel it.

Buhari nearly fell down in Kogi. He staggered before he could sit down in Kaduna.

He couldn’t recall when he was Petroleum minister. He couldn’t tell the day he was sworn in as president.

He called Great Ogboru the presidential candidate of the APC, then called him senatorial candidate after he was corrected and he had to be corrected again before he could say “governotorial candidate”.

He didn’t recognize Oshiomhole after they rendered a Christmas song. The list is endless.

For the sake of Buhari and for the sake of Nigeria, let us return Buhari quietly to Daura.

Buhari handlers, frankly speaking, are not pushing him because they love him. No.

They are not pushing him because they believe and think he is doing well for Nigeria. No.

They are not goading him on because they believe in his capacity to take Nigeria to the “Next Level”. No.

Some of Buhari’s handlers are pushing him for a second term because of what they are getting through him from the treasury.

They don’t want their source of income to dry. They are using him to help themselves with wanton stealing and looting of the treasury.

They would not mind having Buhari’s corpse rule over us so long as they can have easy access to the treasury.

Some others, like Osinbajo and his co-travellers, the Southwest elite on Tinubu’s payroll are looking to what they stand to gain come 2023.

It’s not about Nigeria in anyway. They would not mind every other person suffering for them to achieve their aim.

Olukayode Ogundamisi, Mrs Bamidele Oladeru, JJ Omujuwa, Lara Shoneyin, Abike Dabiri-Erewa and many others are just a few of the vuvuzelas who are not in it for their love for Nigeria or Buhari but their vampiric quest to have “their own” rule over us after Buhari and/or (believe it or not) in the event of the man packing up, joining Shehu Shagari in the great beyond.

Whether you are from the North or from the South, Hausa, Fulani, Igbo, Yoruba, Efik, Ibibio, Jaba, Tiv, Idoma, Igala, Ijaw, etc., irrespective of your ethnic and linguistic leaning, if you truly love Nigeria and indeed if you have some iota of conscience and human sympathy, please do the needful and help return Buhari to Daura.

This should be a serious business and a national duty for us all. Do this for your sake and the sake of the future generations.

~ Ndidi Uche Samuel

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