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Buhari, It’s Time to Go!

By Elempe Dele

I must confess it took me a measure of emotions to come to this conclusion and among other personal conflicts, I don’t mind the consequence.

We must all rise up in a collective agreement that it is time for Buhari to leave the presidential seat of power – like Abacha and Ya’Ardua, his placenta was not buried there. This was never his time and no amount of ululation, wishful thinking, libation will make it be his time.

If there is anytime perfect for the Sowores, Abaribes, Obasanjos etc, to call for Buhari’s resignation from office, the time is now. We have endured 4 harrowing years with nothing to look back to except our collections had gone to waste. And no ill will be enough to wish for us another monotonous 4 years ahead. We have gone from being hopeful to being destitute, chattels and relics to be discarded at anytime.

The recent coronavirus pandemic exposed Buhari to the elements of absence. It took the opposition, with the rising echoes of the people, to make Buhari address his citizens of a pandemic that could be devastating to mankind if not handled. And his national address was worse than his silence. He showed no empathy, no remorse, no sincerity, no life, no zest, no impetus…he faltered through his words and devised a new name for the virus. He was strange looking like an alien, for we hardly see him or hear from him. He was devastatingly absent until he was removed from sight.

And behold, there is nothing on ground to arrest the coronavirus development – not even in the presidential clinic where billions of Naira have been budgeted for. No government supplies like sanitizers or nose masks for the citizens who at the mercy of themselves and their divinities.

If there is time ripe enough for Buhari to resign and go, this is the time. We have come to realize with Buhari that our problem as a people is not only corruption, there is more to Leadership than the mere propaganda of fighting corruption. Even when in the last presidential election, billions from Nigeria coffers were deployed to buy votes and elections were rigged with the aids of security agents to make Buhari win again, some still believe there was ever a genuine fight against corruption.

If there is anytime perfect for us to know we have been living in the country unsupervised, the time is now. Buhari has created a vacuum of leadership and has been holed, unseen, unheard in the cryptic crevices and grotto in Aso Rock. He is so distant that his presidency seems like a mirage.

Now, the presiding president, Abba Kyari, is ill from the coronavirus, which will become the legacy of this administration, no one is there to preside as news had filtered to us that even the absent president is far lost in isolation. Osinbajo had been technically removed from office so he has no say in governance except attend meetings he is called to attend or deploy him to attend burials.

In as much as we all know we do not have a president for now, a few autocrats will make us believe we have. Those profiting from the absence of our president must hold to power for the keepings of their gatherings, which will never end. They have eaten Nigeria dry and they must suck her marrow and crack her bones and bury her dreams…

If there is anytime to expose the frailties of Buhari, the time is now. We have been asked to stay at home to avoid the spread of this pandemic. But how will Nigerians with millions living below $1 a day income do it? How will those who daily go around to thump a living from waste bins survive if they stay at home? Won’t the stay at home by over 70% of the poor lead to more deaths than the coronavirus can inflict? For us, we go around we die, we stay at home we die.

No other time is more genuine to call for Buhari’s departure than now. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, yesterday, over 70 of our soldiers fighting a needless war within were ambushed and killed. It will make you feel a sense of despair to know that the president might not be aware…he too is fighting for his own life ironically. We have been in the theater of this war with Buhari for over 4 years, nothing has changed. He cannot and would never change tactics to defeat a handful of ragtag insurgents who cannot face the Niger Delta Avengers. Yet, some want him to soldier on against all odds.

This is the time for us to leave the euphoric trap of those populist propaganda that set our paths wrong in 2015 and face the reality of us sliding into the edge of a failed state were some rebels had carved out a caliphate for themselves…we must face the painful reality that we might turn to rubble like Yemen or Afghanistan or Somalia if we continue in this path of destitution with Buhari.

Buhari will not come to life in our time, let’s not wish this fact will go away; I have an aging father, I know how much goes off him each passing day. Let’s come to terms with the whole truth across and beyond party lines. If it’s Osinbajo that can hold brief while we work towards something else, let it be.

For now, our prayers will amount to nothing except we ‘work’ to make Buhari leave, and the time is now.

Elempe Dele

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