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Buhari Jazzed Nigeria And Nigerians — By Fejiro Oliver

You have a right to defend anybody in this world, even Anini, and we can forgive you, but to defend Muhammadu Buhari is a crime against self, humanity and generations yet unborn. As a matter of fact, it is genocide doing so.

Under Buhari, over 16 journalists have been picked and locked up, in the name of cybercrime that the shoeless Otuoke Jonathan cluelessly signed.

Under Buhari, cows lives matter more than human lives. Kill hundred Nigerians by his Fulani brothers, masquerading as herdsmen, while reducing voting might, and he will preach peace and tolerance towards each other. But dare the blood of one cow spill and it means war.

Under Buhari, over 3 million Nigerians lost their jobs and no one is raising protest against him. Under Buhari, without announcement, fuel is officially sold for N180, despite N700 million spent daily on subsidy and no one has occupied Aso Rock or even gather at freedom square, Ojota.

This is not ordinary. Something is wrong somewhere.

My feelings tells me that before Buhari and APC were sworn in after victory, they may have gone to a high occultic kingdom to tie the mouths of everyone living in Nigeria, to accept whatever policy they bring.

They may have made a covenant with a strong deity to tie the destinies of Nigerians from revolting against them. Nothing can be far from the truth.

The five years of Goodluck Jonathan never brought this suffering to us. Buhari has not only brought suffering but added impunity and arrogance to it.

Dapchi girls are still missing and instead of rescuing them or going to meet the parents of the abducted girls, he wasted over N100 million fueling the nation’s private jet with his entourage to a wedding.

Oby Ezekwesili lips are now sealed. She’s unable to protest #BringBackDapchiGirls. Buhari do this one strong.

I now believe that there’s no juju or charms more potent than that of the Fulanis. I doubted it, but with Buhari able to hold everyone to ransom and no one is able to protest against him tells us that truly, there’s a spiritual warfare using charms by Buhari against Nigerians.

As much as we remember corruption in Jonathan’s government, Buhari’s government is more corrupt than the 16 years of PDP. You can chose to believe whatever you want, but the facts are glaring.

The once presidential media chat that was yearly is no more. He prefers to talk to us through his lying trumpet, Lai Mohammed and Femi Adesina.

Buhari is not to be blamed. We are.

We cannot sit idle in our houses, facebooking, tweeting and posting on the gram on our disaffection with the government and not take actions.

We have the moral and legal right to sit out under the freedom square and demand for changes in policies, reversal of fuel to N145, equal sales of dollars to all Nigerians doing business, no matter how little their business may be, than giving to the Dangotes at N50 to $1 while giving us at N360 to $1.

Let Nigerians of like minds brace up their minds that in weeks to come, we will demand for the probe of some of these corrupt officials of the government, as well as removal of Magu from EFCC.

We cannot be operating a three arms of government and Buhari will chose the one to obey. If the Senate says no to Magu based on SSS report, Buhari MUST obey to the last letter. He has no right to choose the one to enforce.

Let Buhari roll out his armored tank but enough is enough. We can no longer afford to bear this suffering any longer. He should tell his SSS, NIA, DIA and police to track our phone lines and movements, but we can no longer keep quiet.

Nigeria is collapsing under Buhari and we have a duty to posterity to save it.

Let us call Buhari to order by embarking on street protests and sit out, until he corrects the evil and ills in his government.

Buhari was never the Messiah we waited for. We only brought upon ourselves a curse. Thankfully enough, it’s a curse we can revert, and revert we must.

Stick with us in this cause as we call Buhari to order.

If this be hate speech or cybercrime, charge me to court for it, but never again shall Buhari cross our land as President.

My name is Fejiro Oliver and I endorse #BuhariMustGo

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