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Of Buhari, Obono-Obla, Adeosun & Certificate Forgery ∼ By Charles Ogbu


Here in Nigeria, this thing called Outrage exists in a world of its own with a life of its own. It has the autonomy and monopoly to decide which scandal deserve its attention.

Most times, it acts with some sense of gender bias, ethnic bias, religious bias and even class bias. Basically, The Nigerian Outrage is biased. It picks and chooses. To its eternal shame.

This is why a man contesting for the highest office in the land could fail to prove he has ordinary O’Level WAEC and even commit a very serious criminal offence called perjury (lying under oath).

Yet, The Nigerian Outrage would just turn a blind eye as the citizens would simply go ahead to gift that same man with the post of Presidency.

Mr Outrage would again go to sleep few weeks ago when the man advising this same certificate-less President on corruption and seizure of suspicious assets, Mr Okoi Obono-Obla was exposed as parading fake WAEC result.

This exposure was made by WAEC itself. This is a man heading a Presidential panel on corruption ooo.

Yet, his WAEC result, the same result with which he got a university exposure is fake.

Yet, he is still in office, making noise about fighting corruption. With a fraudulent WAEC certificate!

What really is the difference between a President who committed perjury by lying about a non-existent WAEC result, plus a Presidential Aide who was exposed to have forged his WAEC on one hand, and Madam Phonetics finance minister who forged her NYSC exemption certificate?

Perjury and forgery of anything in any shape or form remain a criminal offence.

So why reward Perjury with the office of the Presidency and a WAEC forger with silence only to turn around and start crying blue murder over another forger, or is it forgress sef?

The Nigerian Outrage is nothing short of a sham. A grand deception. Little wonder it achieves nothing other than a deceitful few seconds of false orgasm. Very fleeting. With no result whatsoever.

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