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Buhari, Pls Rebuild Birnin Gwari In Kaduna State & Zamfara

By Isah Muhammad Galadima


Dear President Muhammadu Buhari,

Appeal For The Award Of Contracts To Reconstruct/Rehabilate Kaduna-Birnin Gwari-Tegina Highway, Birnin Gwari-Funtua Highway And To Approve 10 Billion Naira For Rebuilding Of Birnin Gwari, Kaduna State And Zamfara State

As Nigeria moves towards 2019 general elections, I pray that peace and optimal security will prevail all over the country. I also pray to Allah to support Mr President and his agenda to salvage Nigeria from all odds. May God increase Mr President in good health and wisdom with which to confront more confidently and more boldly the insecurity issues bedeviling many parts of Nigeria like Birnin Gwari in Kaduna State.

Mr President, recall that as part of measures to curb the insecurity in Zamfara state and Birnin Gwari of Kaduna state, you have ordered for the establishment of a Zonal Police Division as well as a battalion of army. The aim was to squash the armed bandits terrorizing the people in Zamfara state and Birnin Gwari of Kaduna state. We acknowledged that those security outfits have been mounted successfully and there have been successes recorded since then, even though the insecurity that engulfed the two areas has resurfaced recently through rampant cases of kidnappings and  armed killings by armed robbers.  This is seriously alarming despite the heavy presence of soldiers and police in those places.

It is against this backdrop that I write simply to demand that Mr President orders for immediate deployment of more troops to especially Birnin Gwari. This is with a view to reinforce the army already working there.

Mr President Sir, everyone knows that technology has brought developments through which criminal activities like Kidnapping can be abetted. We therefore implore you to deploy such technological mechanisms to Birnin Gwari forests and areas like Sabon Birni in Chikun Local government of Kaduna state. We want you to immediately send Mr Abba Kyari, that special police officer who is renowned for his brilliance through nabbing kidnappers, to Birnin Gwari to track, trace an nab the armed robbers/kidnappers. Please, deploy that Special Anti Kidnapping/Robbery squad to Birnin Gwari and equip them with necessary technology to trace those kidnappers and their syndicates so as to arrest them and brought them to justice. We are sure that since the kidnappers use telephone service to communicate with the families of the abductees to arrange or negotiate for ransoms, we believe that they can be tracked only if the government is ready to do it. They operate, unlike Boko Haram, in Nigeria. They can be tracked using technology which we all believe that government is in possession of. Please, use technology to track, trace and nab these criminals.

It is really demoralizing to behold government and its officials not giving a damn whenever someone is abducted along Birnin Gwari axis, leaving the poor people to sell all their belongings including farmlands to be able to gather the required ransom for the kidnappers. It’s high time that the government takes over all negotiations being made to release abductees. Even if the government cannot pay the ransom so as not to promote the crime from further spread, we urge the government to please pay off/compensate the victims after their release, this is called humanity.

We also notice that there is poor political will needed to boost the morale of the troops deployed at Birnin Gwari and Zamfara state. This has significantly aided the armed bandits to relaunch their attacks recently against the good people of Birnin Gwari and Zamfara state.  Several people were reported killed and kidnapped by the armed bandits, with cases of kidnappings getting worse than ever witnessed in the history of Nigeria.

Several people have been kidnapped from 1st September 2018 to date. The kidnappers have within this period alone collected a huge amount of over 1billion naira from their abductees. Just ten days ago, about five people including a staff of NTA and his wife were abducted. They are still held captives while the kidnappers who proved to be very stubborn this time around are demanding for 15million naira. This is too heavy on the family of the abductees. People in Birnin Gwari and Zamfara state have been frustrated economically to source for ransoms so as to free their relations against humiliation and death on the hands of kidnappers.

Based on this, I implore President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo to as a matter of urgency come to aid of the Birnin Gwari people financially. As the government is doing all it can within its purview to halt the abductions and killings, we also implore the Presidency to please approve a special package of ten billion naira to rebuild Birnin Gwari of Kaduna state and Zamfara state.

Similarly, we call on the Federal Government of Nigeria to please approve and award a contract for an immediate reconstruction and or, rehabilitation of Kaduna-Birnin Gwari-Tegina highway as well as Birnin Gwari-Funtua highway. The two roads are seriously dilapidated characterized by array of potholes. One of the reasons why the armed robbers and kidnappers operate freely without any deterrence is because of the dilapidated nature of those roads. We therefore appeal to the Federal government to award contracts for the reconstruction of highways mentioned above. This can significantly facilitate peace and restore security in our areas.

Mr President, as I am writing this letter, you should be informed that no commuter drive along Kaduna-Birnin Gwari highway or Birnin Gwari-Funtua highway once it is 4:00pm due to apparent fear of Kidnappers who demand and forcefully collect nothing less than 15million naira from their victims. This is a very ugly development. In Nigeria, we have roads that cannot be followed by Nigerians in some stipulated periods. We pray that Mr President will swing into immediate action to break this scenario.

Much as you may consider them as unconventional or non-systemic, the Vigilante group and the Self-Defence initiatives in Birnin Gwari and Zamfara state have strongly complimented the efforts being made of the army and police to stave off the insecurity in those areas. They have in a number of times confronted and chased away these armed bandits and kidnappers. In fact, people appreciate their efforts much as they appreciate the efforts being made by our gallant men. They however lack political will support. No amount of money expended on the Vigilante group legally constituted by the Kaduna state government is too heavy. We therefore advise the Federal Government to synthesise the services of Vigilante group in its Security apparatus, at least this can serve as an offshoot for Community Policing system we are clamouring for its establishment. The government should please expend a pretty amount of money on the members of vigilante group with a view to consolidating their efforts with that made by soldiers and the police to curb insecurity in Birnin Gwari and Zamfara state.

Finally, I hope Mr President will passionately consider our pleas just as he has been before so as to salvage Birnin Gwari and Zamfara state who are already mournful places on daily basis.

Thank you,

Yours faithfully

Isah Muhammad Galadima

Birnin Gwari, Kaduna state

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