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Buhari: Rain doesn’t fall on one man’s rooftop alone

By Odumodu Gbulagu


Nigerians are a people that forgets their history easily!

We are a people that doesn’t learn from the past! What hurts the most is that the elders who knows the truth have had it hidden from the youths just because of what they will get. They have all sold their consciences because of pot of porridge.

Buhari was sold as a converted democrat, and many people bought it. The elders who knew him as a dictator sold him as a Saint, and the young people most of who never knew him saw him as the messiah. We warned and fought against it, but they called us wailers.

Most of them were ready to even kill during the electioneering campaign.

When he started his sectional appointments, they said he was appointing the people he trusts.

Now that they didn’t see god Buhari perform miracles and turn naira to a dollar, they have taken over our wailing.

Most of the young ones are still jobless, and are yet to see his 3 million jobs per annum.

Where’s his 24/7 electricity?

I thought they said he was going to end borrowing?

He has continued to borrow and shows no sign of slowing down.

A General that promised to lead from the front and stop Boko Haram in 3 months rarely talks about the terrorists.

Where are those military equipments he bought from the US?

Those same people who condemned GEJ’s subsidy have lost their voices in Buhari’s subsidy.

Remember he told Nigerians that there’s nothing like subsidy.

Those who said he was right to invade the house of judges gestapo-style are now trembling with fears.

Those that sold him to Nigerians as a converted democrat are now his victims.

Those that were rejoicing when he was ruthlessly dealing with others are now crying in his dungeons.

It’s already too late for Nigerians!

They have no choice that to stick with the evil they desperately needed!

Punch and other media houses realized very late.

The only thing that will save us is to always remember our history!

Let’s always remember that rain has never fallen on one Man’s roof alone, but on every man’s roof!

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