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Buhari Resign Video: Open Letter To Aisha Yesufu ―By Lauretta Onochie


Dear Aisha Yesufu, 

I do hope you are feeling a bit better than you did at the point you had a meltdown or better still, a recorded video nervous breakdown, over a government Nigerians say is serving them better.

Most Nigerians were shocked and are still confused at your tantrum. Nigerians understood and identified with your frustration at not being able to get the government of Pres. Jonathan to take responsibilities for the missing girls. 

Nigerians and the whole world were with you and the rest of the #BBOG campaign team. I joined in the UK, helping to drum up support internationally, for the campaign to free our girls. 

But your childish tantrum and incoherent ranting at Pres. Buhari were totally uncalled for especially as it is less than two weeks since 83 of the Chibok girls, gained their freedom, under the government of Muhammadu Buhari and yes, Acting President Osinbajo.

Over the nearly two years since the inception of this government, you have turned the campaign on its head and the campaign is taking a personal and malicious dimension. That’s what long campaigns do to those who set out to engage in campaigns with personal and selfish motives embedded. 

Aisha, the warning signs are all there that it’s now all about you. You began to feel that if an advocacy does not submit to the #BBOG format, then it’s wrong. What the whole world wants is for the girls to be rescued and brought home to their loved ones. That’s the point. The focal point. 

You also began to feel that the captivity of our missing girls weighs more heavily on your heart than on the hearts of President Buhari, Acting Pres. Osinbajo and others. 

Consequently, when the Wife of the President, Mrs. Aisha Buhari, launched a book in honour of the missing girls and donated all the proceeds to the Chibok and the Buni Yadi parents, all hell broke loose because she did not obtain permission from you. 

You obviously have a skewed view of your place in our nation. You are not the one who decides how people render support to others. You have lost touch with the reality that how we contribute to the advocacy, differ from person to person. 

Again, you began to forget that #BBOG is not a franchise and so you do not have the exclusive rights to run the campaign. You lost the ability to respect, appreciate and accommodate others’ styles and contributions towards the campaign to bring our girls home. 

For someone who has become obviously obsessed with the idea that the #BBOG campaign platform is now a personal business venture, it can be very frustrating to see the whole world, showering praises on President Muhammadu Buhari for the return of some of the girls. 

Ordinarily, what could have been a source of joy and pride for you too, has become a source of anger because in your warped mind, you did it all alone and only you deserve the accolades. 

But the accolades on President Buhari are well deserved. 

The government of President Buhari, like any other responsible and responsive government across the world, is definitely doing a lot of things differently from the previous administration which has culminated in the return of not only some of our Chibok Girls but also, thousands of Nigerians from the North East who were also abducted and taken into captivity.

Furthermore, your obsession with wanting to set up a camp in the Presidential Villa, completely blinded you to the fact that this government has actually begun to realise what the #BBOG campaign was set up to achieve. 

Evidence abound that the government of the day is totally committed to the theme of your President campaign. 

Unlike the government of Jonathan that needed convincing that the girls were indeed missing, the Nigerian government under Pres. Buhari, from its inception, put processes in place to search for and recover the Chibok girls. 

So what ticked you off on the wrong side, Aisha? 

Are you not pleased that the President Buhari led government is recovering the girls? 

Are you afraid of what shape your life would take if all the girls were recovered and the campaign folds up? 

What’s your real reason for wanting President Buhari and Acting President Yemi Osinbajo out of the way? 

Is there a sinister motive that you are hiding from all of us? 

Venting your anger in the way you did in the video, clearly suggests that you had expected something to happen that would bring about the end of the Buhari/Osinbajo Administration but that thing did not happen. Could it be the much touted Coup d’état? Just asking! 

I do understand that you do not understand that it’s okay to appreciate this government for the much it has done and keeps doing to secure the return of all captives in our nation.

This is a clear pointer that you have lost the plot and need help! I believe too, like many well-meaning Nigerians that you have successfully hijacked the #BBOG Campaign for your selfish ends so you need to step aside for the #BBOG Campaign to refocus and find its bearing.

This will accord you the time to reflect of your recent actions and seek help. I do mean it in the nicest way. YOU NEED HELP, Sis. 

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