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Buhari’s greatest mistake is appointing wrong people into govt


Come to look at it, it is easy to single out President Muhammadu Buhari’s appointments as his greatest mistake. He appointed the wrong people. He appointed them too late. They can’t even prepare a budget. And he has tried to make up for this mistake. But that hasn’t worked.

Take a minute and critically examine the people the President appointed as Ministers. 90% of them are the wrong people and are not qualified. Example: Fashola, Amaechi, Ogbonnaya Onu, Ngige, Fayemi, the Finance Minister, etc are all very unsuitable for the jobs. Why did I say this?

A former Nigerian Governor is too embroiled in partisan politics to be effective as a Minister. A Minister is somebody who can work late hours and spend even more than 7 uninterrupted hours studying and reading reports and analyzing situations locally and globally. No former Nigerian Governor will have that kind of attention span for critical understanding of complex problems.

Every such former governor has expansive political constituencies and network of people he needs to cater for their interest in government outside his portfolio. For instance, Amaechi is so interested in Rivers State politics. He is going to use his position as a Minister to try to effect the political dynamics of Rivers State. The same with Fayemi. The same with Ngige. Ogbonnaya Onu is even worse. He is there for no other reason except that he is entitled to be somewhere high enough.

All these ex-Governors should have been given positions as chairmen of the board of some parastatals or positions in the APC party board. To place them in positions where they ought to sweat and read and think and analyze is a mistake.

Then you come to those who did not even have to be anywhere near the executive council, such as the Minister of Finance and you wonder what is wrong with Buhari. No wonder the country is sliding so rapidly downwards. 

These men have no clue what to do. I guess that when they gather at their council meetings they will be saying to one another: “Don’t worry, it will be alright. Just thank God we are here. It will be alright. Nigerians are used to hard times and this will be nothing. Just thank God”.

Because the President understands that these men are not the right people, he does not like to send them to represent him overseas. That is why the President is handling every trip himself.

The irony was that the President asked for more time in appointing his ministers so that he would select the right people. But in fact, the President took time to appoint the wrong people.

Note: And look at the one they call Lai Mohammed. How can you appoint a man called Lai by his parents to be your information minister? The sound of name is enough to cause everybody to doubt him.


I read somewhere in the media that the Buhari’s government was lamenting that it has no evidence to prosecute Mrs. Deziani Allison-Madueke.

I was shocked by this. How would any government speak like this? After many months of trying to convince Nigerians that the woman is guilty of corruption; after many months of waging relentless campaign of calumny against that woman, you now come to say you have no evidence to convict her. Can you believe that even a mature mind like mine believed that the woman must have committed a crime, based on the things the government has said about her?

For the government to speak in the manner it has recently done is a shame. If you have no evidence to convict her, it ONLY means she is innocent. A person is presumed innocent until convicted. How can you treat this woman as if she was guilty and the only problem you have to was to prove it?

Indeed, looking at this kind of blunder, it is easy to declare this government a total disaster and a great shame. You should shut up your mouth and investigate allegations of crime. It is only after you are sure you have evidence that you would go to the press. Why go to the press and convict a person and then run into problem finding evidence? And when you fail to find evidence, you will not have the honor to apologize; instead, you start pretending you were right.

I urge the government to declare that it has no case against Allison-Madueke. If they later find evidence to justify her prosecution, they should do what every normal state would do – prosecute. This trial in the media has become a dangerous characteristic of this government and it merely confirms an evil tendency within this regime. It should stop for goodness sake.

Personally, I have suspected that Mrs. Madueke and many other top officials of Jonathan’s administration must have been involved in corruption. There is no way they would not have. But if I were an official of government, I would never allow my suspicion to rise to the level of proof.

Emeka Ugwuonye

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