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Buhari’s recent assault on judiciary and Nigeria’s road to doom


Curiously, almost all the arrested justices are those who have given one judgment or the other against the interest of President Buhari government.

There is no doubt that since May 29th 2015, when Muhammadu Buhari assumed the reins of governance as Nigeria’s President, little has happened to convince me that he is the Messiah Nigerians have been waiting for. 

From his remarks of 95 percent and 5 percent in respect of political patronage according to the voting pattern during the 2015 general election to his caustic and acerbic triumphal display of wrestling power from the “infidel”, Buhari has, at each turn displayed revolting tendency for the absurd. 

Goaded by his cheer-leaders and coterie of hangers-on, Buhari has engaged the reverse gear to crush everything we have gained in the past 17 years all in the name of fighting corruption.

In Igbo folklore, we have this story of Eze-Onye-Agwanam, the despondent and stiff-necked king, who will never listen to the voice of reason. 

He was reputed for his stubbornness and puritanical pretensions, his many moral burdens notwithstanding. 

On his installation as the king of his community by disgruntled persons who hoped to use him to get to the community’s patrimony, in defiance of prophetic warnings by well-meaning indigenes of the community, Eze-Onye-Agwanam set out to cleanse his kingdom of every “vermin” and “miscreant”, both real and perceived. 

His cheer-leaders goaded him on. Nobody dared to call him to order for fear of being labelled and dealt with. 

Having subdued all around him, on one occasion he excused himself to the john in the middle of a ceremony. 

Pressured into coming out from the convenient room to continue superintending the rituals of the ceremony, he could not clean himself very well such that his flowing robes got soiled by the excrement. 

His cheer-leaders saw it but could not call his attention to it. Who would tell the king? 

The king knew everything! He was never wrong. With swarm of flies all over him, his soiled robes fouled the air and his guests abandoned him in the middle of the occasion. 

Buhari has become Nigeria’s Eze-Onye-Agwanam. 

He has become the lord of the manor; a roaring beast of prey seeking both flora and fauna to devour. 

His mantra is fight against corruption and leading the cheer group are charlatans, scammers, and rogues who have robbed this country blind but who today have become anti-corruption evangelists. 

There was a time in the Jewish history when they fell into apostasy and evil leaders mounted the throne of David. 

This reign of impunity continued even to the time of Jesus Christ with the perversity and dubiety of the Pharesean aristocracy. 

This prompted Jesus to ask the Pharisees some searching questions: “Can the blind lead the blind? Will they not both fall into a pit? (Luke 6:39). 

These questions are apt to our situation in Nigeria today. 

A situation where proven looters of the Nigerian state have ganged up to determine who is guilty of corruption or not; superintended by a melancholic religious zealot, who himself is stained with the perfidy of corruption, amounts to the blind leading the blind. 

The destination is the large and deep pit of destruction. Nigeria is on this road of doom. 

We have become like the proverbial glutton whose house was on fire but he was busy pursuing rats. 

We have become so enamoured with the phantom of “war on corruption” while everything in Nigeria has collapsed. 

Our economy, education, social cohesion, our institutions and our security have all collapsed at the altar of “war on corruption”. 

The cheer-leaders are many both within and outside the shores of this country.

The latest clamp down by the Buhari administration on the nation’s judiciary, on the pretext of fighting corruption, appears to me to be the last death knell on Nigeria’s coffin. 

The justification of this brazen act of executive recklessness on grounds of “fight against corruption” is not only lame and pedantic; but also indicative of the bourgeoning atmosphere of democratic dictatorship that the Buhari administration has birthed in Nigeria.

I have listened to and read many mischievous reports suggesting that it is “corruption” and not the judiciary that is on trial. 

Nothing can be more insidious and ridiculous than this. 

No matter how anybody or group tries to rationalize this executive aberration, it does not retract from the truth that the sanctuary of justice has been desecrated by the Buhari administration. 

Is it now that Muhammadu Buhari realized that the judiciary is corrupt? 

During his first sojourn as a military dictator, Buhari set up special military tribunals; hand-picked judges and instructed them on what to do. 

If this kind of arm-twisting and executive directive to pervert the course of justice is not corruption, then we need a redefinition of corruption. 


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