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Buhari’s wasted 365 days – By Chidi Cali


Buhari's wasted 365 days - By Chidi Cali


For President Buhari and his supporters, they thought that this day will Never come. Anniversary of Buhari’s a Year In Office. 

Buhari was handed over:-

– $30 billion in our Foreign Reserves, 

– $2.5 billion Sovereign Wealth Fund, 

– $1.4 billion in the ECA, 

– $4.65b back taxes from NLNG. 

– Buhari met an approved budget of N4.5 trillion Budget.

Received Below within a year,

– $2.7 billion collected by Inland Revenue in his first 8 months.

– $2.1 billion world bank loan.

– $850 million Grants from UK, USA and Europe.

– Excluding crude oil sales, Joint Venture profits, Royalties, Income from Customs, NIMASA, NPA, NACHO ……

A year have passed this morning.

1] Not a kilometer of road was constructed, 

2] Not a watt of Electricity generated,

3] Not a Ward was added to any Hospital in Nigeria.

4] Not a job space was created, excepted the CBN job he shared with his cronies.

5] Not a grain of Corn or tomatoes seed was Provided to our farmers. [Fertilizer subsidy taken away and handed back to ex-military men],

6] 41 foreign companies mostly in service industry left the country.

7] 4.3 Million jobs lost in 10 months – National Bureau of Statistics. 

8] Food scarcity last experienced in Nigeria between 1983 to 1985 returned back to the country.

9] War on Corruption turned to war against his perceived enemies, any conviction by EFCC are cases meticulously started by previous govt(s). Buhari only win cases on pages of Newspapers.

10] Nigeria dropped from No.1 Investment destination in Africa to No.27 before South Sudan.

11] African Biggest economy shrink from a GDP of about 7% to -0.36%, the fastest decline in the world since record begins.

12] No.3 fastest growing economy in the world to No.83 in 365 days.


The last 3 LGAs under Boko Haram in Feb 2015, Abadam, Kala-Balge and Gwoza where all recovered before the general election and Buhari’s ill-advised policy of banning Road blocks lead to Boko haram recovering more LGAs and have the potency to attack.

Buhari have all on his hand to succeed, but the extravagant President squandered all the funds, goodwill, and only delivered hardship to Nigerians in his first #365days.

As the Biblical Prodigal son, Buhari wasted all the Ntrillion handed over to him.

His Body language, Lies and Propaganda lost its potency about 6 months ago as the pains of his incompetence is felt by both the 97% and 5%.


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