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Buhari ‘s wicked nepotism – by Charles Ogbu


Buhari 's wicked nepotism

I just listened to one Mustapha Muhammed, one of the presenters of “Political Platform” on RayPower Abuja radio station justify the secret recruitment of mostly northerners into federal government agencies and parastatals.

He did so with the excuse that it happened under Jonathan and most of the people complaining now did not complain then.

This is a well-lettered radio presenter, not some unlettered northerner. 

Yet, he sees nothing wrong in a president supervising secret employment of only his fellow Northerners into government jobs.

The joke is not on people like this Mustapha Muhammed. 

The joke is on efulefu southerners who are still deceiving themselves with the one Nigerian slogan.

An average Northerner knows there is nothing ‘one’ about Nigeria. 

If you hear him shouting one Nigeria, it’s just because of the oil in the Niger Delta and the fact that political power has now been returned to them, trust me on this.

Even president Buhari does not believe in one Nigeria. You don’t believe me? Okay, check out his appointments so far. 

Add that to the juicy amnesty package he’s given to the Boko haram and Fulani terrorists and juxtapose it to his brutal crackdown on the peaceful pro-Biafra guys. 

Does this seem like the action of a man who believes in one Nigeria?

Think about his recent sacking of almost 100 senior military officers mostly from the South.

Do you realize that with this action, it will take over 50 years for the South to produce the chief of army staff again?

What about the police force where the recent promotion was tailored to favor only northern police officers.

Do you guys still remember the police commissioner Zakari Biu who was sacked for aiding and abetting the escape of the notorious Boko Haram kingpin, Kabiru Sokoto responsible for the 2010 Christmas day bombing of a St. Theresa’s church in Madala?

This terrorist police commissioner was recalled and reinstated immediately Buhari came to power. 

Though he has now been retired with full benefits. 

Don’t take my word for it though. A quick Google search is all you need to know if I am telling the truth. 

This is a man who helped a known terrorist escape.

Now take a 2nd look at the secret recruitment of mostly northerners into civil service. Check Sahara Reporters to see their full names.

Do any of these seem like the action of a president who sees all his compatriots as one?

How can we continue to pretend we are one country even when all our actions and inactions including that of our president suggest otherwise?

When are we gonna stop believing our own lies?

Charles Ogbu


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