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Buhari should stop borrowing & go after $400b looted funds worldwide ―Abiola

Akib Abiola is a Nigerian based in the United States of America, he is passionate about bringing back to the country all illegally acquired funds by the present and past leaders.

He is miffed that things are not working according to world best standards.

At the sideline of this interview, he said that “Buhari is totally blind to the plight of the population. I am afraid if nothing is done soon, Nigeria would become ungovernable.

He was the Vice President candidate designate to Prof Jerry Gana before the court ruled Gana out as the Presidential Candidate of the Social Democratic Party, SDP.

He was at the fore front of late Chief Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola’s fight to reclaim his stolen mandate after the election termed as freest and fairest was annulled by the then President Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida.

“Each region should keep 50% of the revenues from their resources for the next twenty years and after that they would pay federal taxes on the revenues from their resources to the centre”.

With the constitution of the cabinet do you see a ray of hope for Nigeria in the nearest future?

Let me start by saying that the cost of running the government in Nigeria is too much.

We need to cut down the number of ministers to fifteen and Senators to 72 and National Assembly members to 300.

We need to get rid of the constituency allowances and security allocations.

Elective officials should not see government as a business and a place to make money but a place to serve the interests of the population.

Politicians should make their money before going into government and not going into government to make money.

They should only go into government to serve the people. In America many politicians are already millionaires before going into politics and they go into politics because of the passion to serve the people and many donates their salaries to the poor through different organizations.

In most countries, especially in advanced countries such as USA, cabinet positions are filled with experts in that ministry. Nominees usually go through rigorous interviews first by the President and later by the Senate or the Parliament.

The nominees are asked various hypothetical questions relating to what may happen in the future in order to determine how qualified they are to handle different possible scenarios in the future. Those who displayed lack of preparation are rejected even after they have been nominated by the President.

However in Nigeria especially in the recent cabinet nominations and confirmations, the nominees were not adequately vetted. Some of those who had failed miserably in the last administration were re-nominated and despite the Senators knowing about their dismal performances, they did not grilled them nor rejected them.

Many ministers in the current administration are appointed because of who they know or because they have paid some people.

If President Buhari was serious about taking the country to the next level, he would have appointed people to his cabinet based on what they can contribute to take the nation to the next level regardless of party affiliation, tribe or religion.

The government has claimed that fighting corruption is one of its cardinal programmes, how effective has this been and going forward, do you see any meaningful impact coming out of it?

Regarding fighting corruption, after four years we are yet to see anyone thoroughly prosecuted and sent to prison. Apart from Abacha’s loots, we are yet to hear about any other recovery and $550 million Abacha’s loots is still in America waiting to be repatriated and no one can explain why it has not been repatriated.

The last information I have about it is that the Nigerian lawyer who filed a lawsuit against the release has withdrawn his lawsuit. That’s $550 million that Nigeria can use instead of borrowing money from China and Japan.

I would like to see the government putting more emphasis on repatriation of over $400 billion looted funds stacked outside Nigeria.

Nigerian economy would change drastically if we can infuse $400 billion into it.

Several plans on how to repatriate this money have been submitted to the government but they just chose not to act on them.

It also claimed that it is winning the war on insurgency, but with the pervaded poverty do you see this war coming to an end or appreciably curtailed?

We may be winning the war against Boko Haram but a new war is emerging and spreading like a forest fire. That war is the herdsmen kidnapping and criminal acts throughout the country and we are losing that war.

However, this is a war that the government can easily and quickly nip in the mud if they have the political will to do the right thing.

If the government dispersed helicopters, drones and use satellites to monitor the airspace, every hiding place for these kidnappers can be unearthed overnight and they can be rounded up. But I don’t think the government is willing to do what is necessary because of the political and tribal gains they are receiving from the kidnappings and lawlessness in the country.

What can you pinpoint as the real issues debarring the progress of the nation? What are the ways to arrest the impending further drift? Do you think the country should be Balkanized or would it be better if true federalism is put in place?

What is debarring the progress of the country is mainly tribalism and religion. Every Nigerian sees his tribe first before Nigeria. There is no sense of nationalism.

Igbo people identify themselves to Biafra and they wants a Biafran nation. Yoruba people see themselves as Yoruba and they want an Oduduwa nation. The Hausa/Fulani deep down would prefer an Islamic nation with Sharia law and the Delta and middle belt are just too fragmented and diverse to have one cohesive demand.

Nigeria should be divided into five regions and the five regions should be called United States of Nigeria or United Provinces of Nigeria. The north is to be divided into two. The core north or the Muslim north and it can be a caliphate if that’s what they wanted; then the Christians and other minorities north. The South West (should become) Oduduwa Province or State, (while) the Delta or the Midwest and then the South East or the Biafra Province.

Each region should keep 50% of the revenues from their resources for the next twenty years and after that they would pay federal taxes on the revenues from their resources to the centre.

Stopping the revenue sharing would encourage each region to become self sufficient. Any discovery after the new agreement would be kept 100% by the region.

Abuja would remain Federal Capital with equal number of Senators and House members from each region. Head of Government shall be rotated among the regions.

The new government system would be an hybrid of Canada and American government systems.

How do you see the recent appointment of a Yoruba leader?

There is no need to elect a Yoruba leader. A leader should be able to emerge naturally based on his performance and contribution to the progress and empowerment of the Yoruba people.

A leader should not be by age but by his contributions and what he can do in the future. One of the young performing governors is equally qualified to be the Yoruba leader.

We need to learn to practice how to pass the baton to the next generation, the youths.

What is your opinion about the xenophobic killings of Nigerians in South Africa?

Due to the continuing xenophobic killings of Nigerians in South Africa, the Nigerian government should give all South African companies in Nigeria 30 days to sell their companies to Nigerians or leave the country.

Also, the government should demand $250,000 as compensation to the family of every Nigerian killed in South Africa or seized all South African assets in Nigeria and sell them to compensate the families of those killed.

Here are the list of South African companies in Nigeria. Nigerians should go to these companies and show their displeasure against the killings of their people in South Africa.

Let me show you a video expressing the anger of most Nigerians towards the situation in South Africa. We hope the Presidency would make an urgent pronouncement on the matter as suggested.

Message to #Buhari and #Osinbanjo with regards to #SouthAfrica. #NIGERIANS ARE ANGRY

Posted by Susie Retty on Monday, September 2, 2019

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