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Buhari threatens democracy by intimidating the judiciary – Wike

…..Democracy  has been  threatened  by the orchestrated  intimidation of the Judiciary — Wike 
Rivers  State Governor , Nyesom Ezenwo Wike has declared  that the  ruling party  has deliberately  threatened the foundation of democracy by its ochestrated intimidation of the judiciary  through  false allegations and illegal arrests.

He stated that because of the orchestrated  harassment of judges by the ruling party , no judge will ever deliver judgments  against the interest of the  Federal Government  and the  ruling  party .

Speaking  at the Government House , Port Harcourt on Friday  during  a courtesy  visit  by  the Port Harcourt Branch of the Nigeria Bar Association , NBA , Governor  Wike  warned lawyers against  allowing the deliberate  destruction  of  the  judiciary  under any  guise.

According  to him, the ruling party  and her officials  have elevated  the art of frivolous  petition  writing against  judges as a means of subverting  the course of justice .

He said : “Our democracy  is in danger. Our democracy  has been  threatened .  What is happening  to the judiciary  is very deep. NBA must be careful  of the deep implications of what it is also doing in the course  of  the present attack on the judiciary .

“All these  actions are geared towards silencing everybody as we head to 2019. If anybody  tells you that they are fighting  corruption  in the judiciary , tell the person  that he is lying .

“They have  empowered  politicians to write  frivolous  petitions  against judges . Whether or not the petition is true, the judge is compelled to step aside”.

Speaking  further, he said: “any judge who delivers a judgement  that is against the interest of the ruling party,  is hounded  down by the DSS. They have intimidated judicial officers and put fear in them in a manner that  is negatively  affecting  governance “.

The governor  cited  the ongoing Ondo PDP  crisis as a point of reference where frivolous  petition  has been used to further  the interest of the ruling party and destroy  the judiciary .

On the December 10, 2016 date scheduled  by INEC for Rivers Rerun elections , Governor  Wike  said  the fact that it was announced  less than 24 hours after the Senate ultimatum was an indication  that INEC  had been  lying to people that insecurity  was  behind  the  repeated postponement  of  the rerun elections .

He, however , said  that  INEC  in its anti-democratic elements will adduce reasons  why the election may not be conducted on the same premise of security  consideration .

Earlier , the  Chairman  of the Port Harcourt Branch of the Nigeria Bar Association , NBA , Mr Victor Briggs commended Governor Wike for  his commitment to the  development of the state.

The Port Harcourt NBA  thanked Governor Wike  for the construction  of  the  ultramodern law centre  for the branch. He assured  the government  that lawyers will always  support  all development programmes .

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