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Buhari was right, Change starts with me – By Ehi Ekhator


Lai Mohammed is a repulsive liar who needs change… Buhari never quit announcing what he is not. He ought to enter the change mantra with his heart and not…

I was sitting on my own “jejely” when I read such a variety of promises by the Presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Muhammadu Buhari in 2015. 

He guaranteed me that he was there to settle the issues of the nation, adding that “if anything went wrong, he would take responsibilities and FIX IT”.

Few days ago, notwithstanding the non-verbal communication of frustration by the President, he approached Nigerians to begin the change, which he (Buhari) guaranteed the country.

This is coming barely a month in the wake of propelling the same oppressive law that placed him in the world map as a dictator when he initially ruled. 

He relaunched “War Against Indiscipline” which led to the brutality and unjust treatment of the Nigerian army on the plebs from 1983-85.

Haven’t fizzled in that, he raised a bill asking for the National Assembly to give him control so he could change the economy over night. 

Another move that has been turned down or conceivably will be turned down by the legislators who trusted that such power could render the Assembly disabled in its course of doing its duty. 

On the 6th of September, 2016, the Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed and the Director General, National Orientation Agency (NOA), Garba Abari put forth a rash and unreasonable statement preparing Nigerians to “entrench the values of accountability, integrity and positive attitudinal change” an objective the government intended to achieve through a campaign called “Change begins with me”

This sudden move has demonstrated my past point that President Buhari is incredibly confounded. 

It likewise demonstrates that the President as well as his administration (including his ministers) are all busy with what to say so as to persuade Nigerians that they are competent. 

Change starts with me? Truly? 

If anyone should launch that crusade, it should be Nigerians idea asking the government to start the change.

Everyone wants leadership by example. 

Lai Mohammed is a repulsive liar who needs to change himself, and Buhari has never quit announcing what he is not. 

He ought to enter the change mantras with his heart and not his words.

According to Lai Mohammed on the said campaign, “About three to five years back now, the role models in the society were people of doubtful character.

“Money was worshipped; nobody cared where and how one got the money; these were the misplaced value that we are tackling now.”

In an attempt to shift blames as always, Mr. Mohammed continued:

“We believe that what is wrong with Nigeria is not limited to the elite, the political class and the civil service; if we want that change, therefore, it must address all the issues and target every strata of the society.”

Then Abari added: “The Fight against corruption must not begin with the government; people must be in the vanguard of fighting corruption.

“Our schools, roads, hospitals should have been better than what they are now, but corruption has stalled their development.

“What would you say about a woman who uses chemical to forcefully ripen banana and sell it to the public; what about a woman who would use a padded `mudu’ to sell rice.

“A petrol attendant who would claim not to have change so that the buyer would leave the change; all these are corruption,’’ Mr. Abari said.

Nigeria problem has an inseparable tie to the first class citizens, and Abari must be taking lessons from Lie Mohammed to paint such a grimy wall wonderfully. 

What this administration declined to account on was the responses of Nigerians, including their purported fervent supporters. 

Who does the government award the inflated contracts of the schools, roads and hospitals to? The tomato seller or the suya man? The banker or someone like Lie Mohammed?

Mr. Abari is interested in a woman who uses chemical to forcefully ripen banana and a Petrol attendant who alleged not to have change when he could not advise his boss, Buhari on how much he has tied to his Presidential fleet.

The Nigerian President has around 10 Presidential planes that value millions and if sold would produce colossal sum in billions, if not trillions to address the money related circumstance of the nation. 

The expenses of keeping up every private jets is in millions and Buhari who is attempting to compensate himself for the 30 years he didn’t travel, held these to himself, then encourages Nigerians to begin a change? 

Addressing the people during the launch of the disgraceful campaign on the 9th of September, Buhari said:

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