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Buhari’s Coming To Power Was An Expose, LP Presidential Aspirant

Plans to unleash 15 million jobs Phase out non-performing DISCOS


A presidential aspirant in the 2019 general elections on the platform of the Labour Party, Placid Mmaduabuchukwu Emmanuel, has described President Muhammadu Buhari’s ascendancy to power as divine and a product of prayers.

Addressing a well-attended press conference in Awka yesterday, Mr Emmanuel said the President Buhari was brought into power by God to help expose the enemies of the nation and real sponsors and apologists of the national calamity called Boko haram and its twin -the blood thirsty murderous herdsmen.

He said that his victory came to him (Buhari) as a surprise, saying he never believed he would become the President as a former head of state.

“God has a reason for bringing Buhari. He brought him as an answered prayer. Nigerians were praying for God to reveal who the sponsors of Boko Haram were.

“God brought him to power so he’ll expose those behind the killings in the country and for us to see those killing us secretly,” he said.

The presidential hopeful who reeled out his 7-point agenda, including power, education and health, said he was not in the race to match force with the incumbent or any other; but to change the status quo.

According to him, “I’ve not come to match Buhari’s money or power. But I’m here to contest and win the presidency to change the lives and lot of Nigerians from the shithole reputation, to a Sheraton home status.

“You don’t need money to contest this election because Nigerians have experienced something more painful and demeaning than giving them money at this time.

“When the time comes, you’ll see the powers that be go to sleep and wake up just to discover they have lost Nigeria they once held by the jugular.

He further dismissed the Igbo agenda as selfish and wishful thinking, saying “any agenda that does not reflect the security of lives and property of Nigerians should be discarded.”

Mr Emmanuel gave a graphic step he intend to use to create an aggregate number of fifteen million jobs in various sectors of the nation’s economy within his first eighteen months in office.

The jobs, he added would come in three phases-5million jobs within June to December 2019; another 5million jobs coming within January to June 2020 and the next 5million jobs coming between July to December 2020.

Emmanuel, a music composer, movie writer and producer said he had already picked his nomination form, adding he has no challenger in the party.

He emphasized that rights to free speech, expression, health, education life and light shall be guaranteed under his watch as president of Nigeria.

Sounding almost like an executive order, Mr Emmanuel expressed readiness to introduce administration under which all citizens must be connected to the national grid of electricity supply.

That no one would deny anyone electricity supply as everyone would get the pre-paid meter, hence has the right to enjoy a twenty-four hour non-stop supply.

He said all the distribution companies (discos) would shape up or ship out under his administration as every worker must account for his/her job.

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