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Buhari’s Heath Status: Garba Shehu & Femi Adesina Are Dumb

By George Onmonya Daniel


Someone made an audio accusing President Muhammadu Buhari of bailing out of the country to London and this is what the goons at the presidency can do as a response? Take some photo of the President and posting it on social media claiming that it’s the president working in his office?

This is disappointing and disgraceful. They do not have the common sense of putting yesterday’s edition of newspapers in front of the man and zooming it before taking the photo.

Just one photo, without evidence if it was taken yesterday, long time ago, it could have been taken anytime before the Villa took Coronavirus seriously, and posting it claiming it’s the President!

Honestly Garba Shehu , Femi Adesina and the whole people responsible for managing the image of the president are an embarrassment.

They should have made a small video and allow the man just say something, “just hello Nigerians, I am working in the office to see that we overcome this crisis, I am not in the UK but in the villa working as you can see.” Something as simple as that and it has debunked the audio.

Do the people at the Villa think Nigerians are stupid? Do they have respect for Nigerians? What is wrong with President Muhammadu Buhari?

Is it arrogance or the man isn’t really normal after the London sickness that kept him bedridden for months?

After watching that Presidential debate with Kadaria over and over again, it is dawning on me that President Buhari isn’t quite normal. What’s the big deal in making a short video addressing the nation?

George Onmonya Daniel

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