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Buhari’s Senator Accuses Saraki Of Selective Application Of Senate’s Rule Book

Senator representing President Muhammadu Buhari’s in the Senate, Ahmed Kaita has confronted Senate President, Bukola Saraki over alleged selective application of Senate’s Rule Book.

Kaita is a Senator representing Katsina North Senatorial district.

Kaita on the floor of the Senate on Tuesday had disagreement with Senator Shehu Sani over the issue of Kidnapping along Abuja-Kaduna expressway.

Responding on his twitter handle, Kaita said it is quite unfortunate that everyday business of the Senate had been reduced to a cheap issue of scoring social media goal.

“It’s quite probable the Senator was encouraged by Senate President’s selective application of the senate rules to see my intervention as an ‘attack’ on him otherwise, the same order that permits him to raise the issue was the order I relied on to highlight the deficiency of his account of the events under review but was denied by the Senate President even laughably encouraging me “to go educate myself” on rules I’ve been observing successfully for more than a decade,” he said .

He accused some of outgoing Senators of being hell-bent on inflicting much damage to President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration before the expiration of their term in the chamber.

Kaita said on his twitter handle, “the embarrassing events could only confirm public suspicions that some outgoing members are hell bent on inflicting as much damage as they could on this administration in the few days left to round off the 8th Assembly. This, Insha Allah, will fail as those before it”

This current Senate is expected to by first week of June, 2019.

Senator Kaita who came into House of Representatives in 2011 said he interrupted Senator Shehu Sank because of his un-parliamentary language of Activist turned politician.

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