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Buhari’s Supporters Blast R-APC, Obasanjo’s Third Force, PDP

Press Release By The Coalition Of APC Support Groups In Response To Buba Galadima, His R-APC, Obasanjo’s Third Force And PDP

The Coalition of APC Support Groups is the structured body of the almost two hundred registered and recognized groups by the party across the country, before the 2015 general elections that brought us to power.

The Coalition of APC Support Groups whose members cut across the nook and crannies of this country is in structure and practice the strong arm of APC with jurisdiction and modus operandi to constantly counter challenges and encourage system relevant behaviours to both our party and government for the overall interest of our nation.

Our members are so concerned that the coming campaign season is coming up with all manners of malicious campaign of calumny most especially against Mr President and shamelessly and irresponsibly even against the new national leadership of the party.

The country’s kleptomaniacs, the supposed owners of the country and manipulators (anti common man), the shameless hypocrites and political misfits are gradually coming to unfold themselves as one big re-energized axis of evil aiming as usual to cause more damage than good to our party and by extension the collective interest of majority of the Nigerian people.

Consequent upon the aforesaid, it has become necessary for the leadership of the Coalition of APC Support Groups to break silence and respond appropriately in order to set the record straight.


In his press address of the 4th July, 2015 Buba Galadima in his characteristic naivety, foolish assumption of knowing more than everyone and his usual propaganda, deceit and lies which has become the trade mark upon which he is being described today, made some of the following accusations :-

  1. “You will recall that in the build up to the 2015 general elections, some political parties and groups came together and formed a brand new party, the All Progressives Congress, APC. This merger was based on the strong belief that Nigeria had come of age, but was severely underperforming and unable to meet its potentials for good governance. The Nigerian people entrusted power to APC based on its promises and potentials”.
  2. “We are sad to report that after more than three years of governance, our hopes have been betrayed, our expectations completely dashed. The APC has run a rudderless, inept and incompetent government that has failed to deliver good governance to the Nigerian people. It has rather imposed dictatorship, impunity, abuse of power, complete abdication to the rule of law and constitutionalism, it has failed to ensure the security and welfare of of our people and elevated nepotism to unacceptable height. The APC has failed to deliver on its key promises to the nation. There is no evidence of any political will to reverse the decline of our party, while leaders who have created these circumstances continue to behave as if Nigerians owe our party votes as a matter of right.”

(We shall address these allegations and prove with verifiable facts that the APC government has done creditably more than any government in the last 33 years but, please let us take Buba Galadima on issues of recent past and why the previous CPC could not go beyond the apparently unexpected Nasarawa state).

During his leadership as practically self-imposed National secretary of the CPC, within the confines, of most northern States it was very easy for him to play small-ball politics, that time, between the partisan dead-lock and the entire news circle, his contrive talking points was basically on the sensational over the substantive ; issues of corruption and poverty, hopelessness and lawlessness were problems to be managed, not crises to be solved.

They became fodder for newspapers and television shows, not issues to find genuine consensus and compromise. He single handedly forced everyone at some point in CPC to stop reaching for the possible and resigned to that which was most probable. Some of our members coming from the previous CPC saw these as a perfectly conceived plan in the process of execution and wrote several letters of protest, which were not acted upon, because Buba was then, the National Chairman, National secretary, Organising secretary as well as the unofficial publicity secretary of the CPC.

Buba Galadima would rather force his candidates down the throat of members than allow internal democracy take its cause ; as was the case in Bauchi, Borno, Kano, Katsina, Kaduna and several other states. He almost succeeded in tarnishing the image of Buhari and of course he contributed 98%to the failure of CPC in the governorship election of all the northern States.

Buba Galadima was simply the manifestation of evil, anarchy and impunity in the Democratic process of the previous CPC – one that succeeded in doing more evil and damage on an unimaginably larger scale than the entire corrupt INEC officials put together. He controlled the soul of CPC with an impunity that promotes only that which is suffocating to public good and decency. The result of which led to what happened in Bauchi, Borno, Gombe, Kano, Katsina, Kaduna, and several other CPC hopeful States.

Even after several appeals from genuine well-wishers Buba refused to listen, the only unique thing to his administration was inability or deliberate refusal  to arrange an order of priorities that promised solutions that were decent and just. Solutions to those problems urgent as they were would have been constructive and rational.

CPC would have been the party of an open, honest system that doesn’t peddled the agenda of whichever loyalist or special interest can write the biggest cheque. So the exit of such a boastful loudmouth, with no clout to winning an election even in his native home of Gashua is indeed a good riddance to a pest infested rubbish.


According to what we have been reading, majority and influential members of the so-called R-APC are mostly members of the nPDP and in this regard, we are compelled to ask – what do they really want? Unless we are mistaken, we know that they have the following positions :-

  1. The speaker house of Representatives
  2. The Senate president
  3. Governors of Sokoto, Kwara, Benue and Plateau
  4. All previous Governors involved are serving senators
  5. And of course we are also aware that some of them produced some members of the present national executives of the party.

As responsible and respected members of the society and our party we wish to use this medium to appeal to them to give the new national leadership of the party a chance to as much as possible try and right the wrongs.

After all, disagreements were not unexpected, they have become a part of the universally accepted Democratic process as such, it is not only in our party but, anywhere two or more group of people with a diametrically opposed ideologies co-exist in a community. However, it is not the disagreements that should worry us for now but, the measure with which to resolve them. In our considered opinion it is too early to pre-empt the capability or otherwise of the new leadership of the party to resolve issues.


In all, the nPDP’s governments one can note a sort of decay in the confidence placed by the two previous governments of President  Obasanjo and Jonathan ;in which most members of the so-called third force were prominent, active participants in their idea of progress.

To them the idea of progress as possible, probable or necessary was /is rooted in the certainty that the development of killer machines e.g. Boko haram, now being perniciously disguised in “herdsmen”, divide and rule using ethno-religious propaganda, seeking the continuance and reinforcement of their traditional conception in the perpetuation of higher level stealing of our common wealth, rather than a vehicle with wider institution geared towards social, moral, welfare and infrastructural reconstruction.

In view of the above, it has become pertinent for us to state that  we are now witnessing misguided efforts by some religious groups, leaders and persons of vested interest taking advantage of avoidable situation in our nation to sow discord between people, these groups and individuals using different communication platforms continue to spread fake information about Mr president and our party. The sole purpose of these detractors is to provoke a systematic crisis within the polity and our party that would lead to factionalisation and its eventual defeat like they did the previous cpc.

It is therefore, important for all (Nigerians) to remain conscious and commit ourselves to building durable peace and promoting mutual co-existence within our nation. We must always remember that impunity and lawlessness can only breed societal instability and can undermine the basis of ethnic social and religious harmony among our beautiful diversity. We must also realize that all of us regardless of creed and ethnic origin have the fundamental and unfettered right to live and worship, before we can vote or be voted for.

Finally, we are prepared to use every available lawful and constitutional means to decide our collective destiny for the better; we cannot allow our members and people generally to once again be held hostages in the hands of political misfits with questionable capability to deliver Democratic dividends.

We therefore, remain committed and resolved to continue to sensitise, mobilise and galvanise our members against any group or persons that seeks to create confusion in both our country and party.

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