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Buhari’s UN Speech Shows Highest Level of Hypocrisy —PDP

PDP Diaspora Initiative has called President Muhammadu Buhari’s speech in New York the highest level of hypocrisy. The US-based organization also called on the president to walk the talk too by returning to Nigeria immediately to do his job.

Speaking at the Nelson Mandela Peace Summit in New York, President Buhari urged world leaders to emulate the values of former South African President, Nelson Mandela, by prioritizing dignity in their quest to ensure just, peaceful and inclusive governance to all.

“President Buhari has no moral justification to stand there in New York and try to educate world leaders on how to be good leaders for their own people, when Nigerians from East to West, North to South are yawning for a leader,” Founder and National Chair of the PDP Diaspora Initiative Hon. Victoria Pamugo said.

While speaking in New York, President Buhari admonished world leaders to see the centenary celebration of Mandela as an opportunity to rededicate themselves to the service of humanity by championing democracy, conflict resolution, disarmament, mutual respect, reconciliation, gender equality and the fight against poverty.

“The irony of it all is that Muhammadu Buhari is the current president of Nigeria and both himself and the All Progressive Congress (APC) have made life very miserable for the Nigerian people,” Hon. Pamugo said.

“Right now, the president is in New York with a bunch of his APC friends, enjoying the peace and comfort of a stable country. Does he think Nigerians hate a system that works? Why can’t he work to ensure good roads, good schools, good hospitals, and good jobs in our own country?” she asked.

“Why does the President not ask his people to look around New York and see the things that make it work so that they can return and make Nigeria a better place for all of us?” she asked.

“I invite the president to cities like Lagos, Onitsha, Aba, Kano, Kaduna, Abuja, Warri, Ibadan, for example. Let him come with me to those places and see the real definition of poverty and inequality. He will see how our people are suffering on the street,” she said.

“Then he will know that it makes no sense for him to go to New York and try to preach his anti-poverty message when his own country, Nigeria, is engulfed in a huge flame of poverty and misery,” she said.

“On behalf of PDP Diaspora Initiative, I call on President Buhari to return to Nigeria immediately with his APC friends and focus on solving the people’s problem which he was elected to solve, rather than running around New York enjoying the peace and stability built by others,” Hon. Pamugo said.

“I have said it many times and I want to repeat it. PDP is the only party now that can deliver us from this misery and hopelessness, which APC has brought upon Nigeria. That’s why we are working hard to make sure APC is voted out of Aso Rock in 2019,” she said.

PDP Diaspora Initiative is a US-based registered non-profit organization composed of members of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) from all parts of the world, including Austria, Canada, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom and United States of America.


Chidi Igwe
National Publicity Secretary
PDP Diaspora Initiative

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