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Bursary Campaign Promise To Ndi Anambra Students.



I was receiving my lectures two days ago  and  my phone rang, I busied the call and switched off the phone, later he text me. Lo and behold it was one of the Comrades of NANS in Anambra State. I returned his call, Alas! it was all about the Bursary brouhaha and abracadabra… I told him that i am in a tight corner and don’t have time or need to give any reply on this very issue because academically I have a lot to attend to, than to what I will describe as a political scam. They insisted that i must tell my own side of story what i know about the whole stuff, I kept mute till yesterday when the call and disturbance keeps coming from the state.

From my tight programmed schedule I have to squeeze out time to treat this case and handle it  once and for all.

My say on this BUARSARY issue….

Generally we all know that a Party campaign promise/manifesto is a social contract between the party and the people who voted them into power vis a vis the campaign promises/manifesto that serves as the social contract with the people to earn their votes.  Though not actionable by the virtue of Chapter 2 of 1999 Constitution of Federal Republic of Nigeria as amended.

However the people have perform their own part of the contract by voting you into power,  is now left for you (Government ) to fulfill your own side of the contract even though is persuasive and not binding.

Based on this note, I wish to let everyone know that I was fully involved and part of Gov Willie Obiano campaign for Gov 2014 under the umbrella of National Association of Anambra Students.  This body made up of students risked their life  campaigning for His Excellency, I still remember  the incident that took place when one of our campaign bus convoy of Nwafor Orizu College of Education Nsugbe was attacked on the road by the adverse party on our way to sensitize/campaign for APGA governorship candidate 2014. SIR JOE MARTINS UZODIKE the campaign DG was aware of the incident then.

I believe the video tape of what transpired at All Saints Onitsha when the campaign was hot is still available…

Willie Obiano the Candidate of APGA then mounted the stage and promised the students of Anambra of giving them Bursary, he even promised all the senior civil citizens of the state free medical care.

This happened live and direct in Onitsha @ All Saint Cathedral when the Governorship campaign was on.

Fmr Gov Peter, Joe Martins Uzodike, Valentine Obienyem, Sir Victor Umeh, Margaret Obi, Chief Ebele Obiano, Ifeanyi Ibezi, Chinedu Idigo, Tony Nnacheta, Oseloka Obaze and host of other prominent figures attended the rally in Onitsha when the campaign promises was made.

We still recall at the birth of this administration, when Prince Chinedu Idigo Transition committee 2014 was planning the handover, Ndi Anambra Youths were called together to discuss the issue of Bursary at Geogold hotel Awka, the way forward.

I left Enugu that morning rushing down  to Awka to attend the meeting, only for me entering Awka, I got an intelligence report from one of my campus/Univs security agent to stay away from the meeting that thugs have taking over the whole place due to the factionalization of  the Anambra Student body.

I have to security warning and stay away from the event and monitor the disruption from my conclave. Permit me to say that people like Peter Okakpu who attended the meeting was brutally attacked and I think his phone was collected from him and he have to narrowly escape from that venue to avoid being grievously battered.

So the Governor-elect have to stay away maybe due to security report too.

If the disruption of the meeting was politically stage-managed or not, only God knows the truth.

Maka Odimma Umuakwukwo Anambra, we never gave up about the Bursary. Now after the Inauguration we decided that since going under one umbrella will cause crisis, let us go through our various university.

Our predecessors in my faculty in Unizik came together and write to the new Administration for Bursary for law school due to the high fee they are required to pay, including domestic allowance for feeding and other necessaries. They met several people on that issue. Permit me to say that what they were told by the Commissioner for Education was quite disappointing. Emenari King Chimmuanya Esq can attest to the fact of what they were told and treated by our Government.

After weighing the whole option and wide consultation with various people both top political leaders from the state. I took the matter of bursary up from where they stopped with the believe that Anambra Law Students going to Law School deserves to be given Bursary.

I was in the class as a finalist then in Unizik Awka, Rochas Okorocha instructed his people from IMO state that are final years students to submit their list. SENATOR Ike Ekweremmadu through IKEOHA Foundation also instructed Enugu indigenes to submit their list, followed by Governor Ugwuanyi too. I was mentally challenged and spurred.

Then we Ndi Anambra in Unizik Law finals decided  to gear the cause of Ndi Anambra Law students. We have to restrict ourselves to our University with the view that others will come together and pursue same cause from their respective institution so that the cause will be transparent.

We informed the necessary authority starting from our faculty of law Dean, he was very happy with the idea and gave us the faculty approval. We form a committee opened an official  bank account with Diamond to promote transparency and swung into action.

Permit me to say that after wide consultation of top government officials and political leaders in the state with complete assurance of getting government/Governor’s attention cum response. We forwarded our letter with a comprehensive list of Ndi Anambra Law fresh graduates from Unizik. We contributed our little resources as students to pursue for the fund, since we have formally open a community account with Diamond bank.

We wrote several letters to many top people of the state but we got no response, and finally we decided to write to the Governor officially. I personally followed the letter to it logical conclusion, going to Government house 24/7 until I was informed that His Excellency referred our letter to commissioner for Education, that was the final bus stop and last time we heard about our letter till date.

This was at the peak of our preparation to go to law school.

Permit me to say THAT it took our letter two months to reach the ear/the desk of his Excellency. Due to so many protocols uncalled for.

Permit me to say, THAT at the end we were not giving any kobo by Anambra State Government as law school Bursary.

Why I want to clear the air is simply because I have been receiving so many calls and different side talks from Anambra Law School students from various campuses, Kano, Yola, Lagos, Bayelsa, Enugu and even Abuja about the Bursary. Many calls to complain after seeing their counterparts from various states collecting their bursaries and gadgets like laptop from their various state government they always not only feel bad but also dejected like orphans.

Some side talks said that we or I was giving the Bursary. But I just see it as a biggest joke of the century because no Kobo of Anambra State government in name of Bursary entered my pocket or even the official account of Ndi Anambra Unizik Law final years.

Permit me to say THAT  Ndi Anambra Law Students in various law school in Nigeria are like orphans. I always feel bad whenever our fellow Nigerians from other states will mount the podium to talk about the Bursary and sharing formula. We look as if we have nothing to show for it.

The Ndi Anambra Law Students  President in my campus has confronted me on several occasion on this and I have told him my own side of the story.

The last answer we got from the government is that THERE IS NO MONEY. I don’t want to talk about most of the embarrassing attitude being put up/ displayed by most of the political aides of his Excellency.

The answer we always get from the state government remains that there is no money for the six law school campuses till date. No money,not even  a peanut for students as allowance feeding, but still money are signed out and Dole out on occasions forgetting Ndi Anambra students in various tertiary institutions who are the bedrock and ambassadors of the state.

Henceforth anybody consulting or calling me about Anambra State Government Bursary should leave me out of it because I am done asking for Bursary from the state, I have to face the business of my career than this uncalled for disturbance.

I am aware that many borrowed to pay for law school, and that many cannot even  feed very well in law school, due to no support from the state. Channel your grievances to the appropriate quarters or do it when the opportunity comes than pointing fingers on people.

Is a common fact that campaign promises are like a social contract between the government and the people in line with Chapter 2 of 1999 Constitution.

However, all I have to say is that anybody talking or thinking about Bursary in Anambra is joking and should forget it. What should occupy your mind is how to write your Bar Final Exams, make good grade, come out and get a good job and pay for the loan you collected to pay for law school fees you.

If the government fails to give you Bursary, at the appropriate time, you do the needful.

Until the government Anambra state wake up from slumber on this issue, Anambra Bursary Promise remains the biggest scam to Ndi Anambra Students.

Thank you.

I A Muoneme.

Founder Elite Youth Forum of Nigeria.

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