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Busted! Odinkalu accuses Gov Ayade of fraud, says he built 52 housing units but claims 400 [videos]

  • Odinkalu said the widow never received any house

  • Senator Ita-Giwa fires back, says houses actually built and gifted

Former chairman of the Nigerian Human Rights Commission [NHRC], Prof. Chidi Odinkalu has exposed and accused the governor of Cross River State, Prof. Ben Ayade, of fraudulent activities, saying he built 52 housing units but claims the houses are 400.

Prof. Odinkalu also said the widow never received the promised house but was merely used for what amounted to a road show.

Taking to his Twitter handle, @ChidiOdinkalu, the human right defender wrote:

“#Nigerians are suckers for conmen & #LittleNapoleon eloquently delivers a new con every day. Here is his latest: he says he built 400 low cost units for #BakassiReturnees & even spent time in 1 of them with a grandmother who allegedly benefitted, yeah? Watch….

He then attached a video showing Governor Ayade delivering the speech about the controversial houses.


However, Odinkalu insisted that the whole scenario was a fraud. He tweeted:

That is the con. So, what is the reality? #LittleNapoleon says he built 400 units. Actually, it’s 52

Around the 45-second mark in the clip, u’ll see the grandma whom #LittleNapo says he put in her house. What’s her story? She never got the house!

This is the grandma that #LittleNapoleon in Calabar claims he gave a house in the new Ayade Estate. Pls listen to her testimony & choose whom u wish to believe…

Watch second video:

Reacting, another Twitter user, Dann_essy @Dann_10, replying to Odinkalu, said:

“”So he used the old woman for a stunt show…people don’t fear God. Who then owns the housing estate he built with state funds, that’s the question now?

“Uses punchlines to play on the intelligence of the the gullible people….isn’t Ita Giwa supposed to speak concerning this act?”

Responding to the question of who owns the housing estate, Odinkalu tweeted:

Ita Giwa is the chairperson of the “Allocation Committee” of the nonexistent 400 units. What do you think she cld say?

Another tweep, Ita. B. Duke @itabasseyduke, however, disagreed with Odinkalu. He tweeted:

Prof, I think your criticism of Ayade is ill informed and unfair
He should be commended for building those 50units houses for displaced Bakassi people.

Ita. B. Duke attached links to two Facebook videos published by Egbelo Edward Ntebri showing Mma Giwa [Senator Ita-Giwa] as she “clears the controversy about the old lady’s house”.

Watch video below:

Posted by Egbelo Edward Ntebri on Monday, June 1, 2020

Posted by Egbelo Edward Ntebri on Monday, June 1, 2020

The Senator Ben Ayade-led Cross River State Government is yet to react to the allegation.

Based on the four attached videos, meanwhile, it is left to the judgment of the readers and viewers to decide who and what to believe, Prof. Odinkalu/the widow, or Senator Ita-Giwa/the widow.


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