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Calling on Willie Obiano; Tuesday report card by Mazi Odera


[Image: Governors Obiano and Peter Obi]

I said I won’t drag my old man into today’s report card but how can I proceed without reminding us about what he did? He called me and ask me to sit by his side and he said “nwam inwelu olu ike , biko agbakwoluna ekperima afa” [my son ,you have a thunderous voice with very high octave ,please do not do divination for a crook because even in your whisper the neighbours will hear you] .

“Akpokue Dike global “, I greet you with my best and also greet your disciples and acolytes. My old man will say: onye aghowuru ka agbalu [the person that was conned out is the loser].

I know I have a problem which is instead to shut my mouth and rake in what others call enjoyment, I will be busy shoving truth down people’s throat which doesn’t put food on the table. But the good side is that I make no apology for doing that which the good lord deposited in me to do. It might be what makes me a stakeholder in my state.

Before I delve into the heart of the issue , may I appeal on future conduct ,especially drawing point from the one that happened  during the question session when one stakeholder keep raising his hands for long time and when it became embarrassing ,despite that he is not one of the people prepared to ask decorative questions , he was permitted to ask ,but the shock was that when the man said that he is one of the displaced people from northern Nigeria and they have been trying to meet the governor for over 1 year without result… the response you gave him is shocking : “will you sit down there , we are talking of reasonable questions and I can’t entertain this silly one” .

Sir, what that means is that you have a silly and unreasonable stakeholder in your state that is not a reaction expected from a leader, whatever the provocation may be, you should try and contain your emotion.

Sir, did you watch some of the bishops when you said that the government has shared about 750 million naira to mission schools? Some of them wanted to bury their faces in their cassock to avoid jumping up with a ball fist, but some of them burst out in low emitting sound and said “we did not receive anything, better check the people you give the money not us”.

When the man said that he is one of the displaced people

from northern Nigeria and have been trying to meet the

governor for over a year without result… the response you

gave him is shocking: “Will you sit down there, we are talking

of reasonable questions and I can’t entertain this silly one”

Your Excellency, this your people self, they can lie and put you into tight corner, how can they tell you that you send 28 teachers to Singapore? If you approved any money for that, sir, kindly ask them to bring back the money. That trip to Singapore was concluded by peter obi and it is joint project, sponsored by World Bank. The agreement reached and signed was that the state will send 28 teachers to Singapore for that, but 20 will be from mission schools, between catholic and Anglicans, the ratio will be according to number of schools owned by each.

Then the remaining 8 will be from government schools and some Perm Secs ,but did they tell you that the people that went to the Singapore teachers conference were mostly perm sec and dg’s ,if you doubt ask them to bring to you the teachers that went and you ask them directly to tell you how it went ? At least they can be able to show you passport with corresponding visas. Ndia na egwu ajo wayooo.

Sir, during the stake holders meeting on Saturday the 26th of September 2015, you said and I provide: “My brother, Obi laid solid foundation for my administration. He is a great leader and I owe him a great gratitude. There’s is no doubt that without him we won’t be where we are today. Our feud with him is uncalled for. He is a good man, Obiano said.”

Sir, the transparent truth is, the person of Okwute’s calibre cannot fall for such calculated accolades laced with eyes sighted on 2018 campaign, my old woman will say “pulling wool over our eyes”, yes it is cheap and fake. I will simply say you were playing to please the stake holders and the press and not from the heart .if truly you see obi as you said ,you would’ve invited him to the meeting personally  and before convening the meeting proper maka na eburo etuto toro na anya aralu ura [no one bypass the boil in the eyes and shut it to sleep ] , what will it take you to visit him at his residence and two of you without protocol team will meet one on one and jaw-jaw over this bickering , which is affecting the state? It will take only pride and coming down from egocentric trip and very high horse, which an alternative is not a plus but a minus.

Sir, we should tell the citizens the truth on this stakeholders meeting ,they did not know that sir peter obi ,Okwute Ndigbo was not invited as he wasn’t invited , it simply means that he wasn’t important enough to be part of your stakeholders.

Coming up to this kind of meeting and declare obi king of the world does not cut it ,the only way to reconciliation is when two of you seat down at comfort of a place that will permit only two of you ,then talk ,insult ,disagree and later agree and come out hands in hands or napu ito [traditional back hand slap that is synonymous with titled men] before the press and then ,we see Okwute visit you at lodge and government house , that and only them shall we consider thinking of  – if truly the charade is real or trick of the trade with politicians which is akpa akpa aralu na ute .

Even at that, now that the social media has shone so much searchlight on your government ,  I am sure that obi must also thread with caution or he may find out that we forgave him for the first mistake but the second time won’t be that easy .

That reminds me about my old man… when you give him defective merchandise he will shout “iresirim Adaka na onu onwe”, but I digress. Moving on…

Sir, if the artificial praises heaped on Obi should be seen as re conciliatory move and mode by Okwute, then i will definitely start second guessing him, I will know that he is not the genius i know him to be. I will go ahead and speak out as usual on why I did not see anything positive on that flattery speech…

 [1] the serial blackmailer who as we speak still gets his retainership as media consultant to the governor, I mean BM Ikenna Ezenekwe [black mailer for bm] ,despite the last minute smoke inhaling denial from your team, but the reading population of ndi Anambra understood that he spoke the mind of the government when he said on behalf of the state that bishop Jonas Benson Okoye ,an Auxiliary Bishop of Awka is a thief that used his bishop’s cassock to hide 12 billion naira, which your media consultant as above said the bishop carried  for obi ,and all your media handlers shared and distributed all over the social network in other to make the bishop appear like a thief and rogue. They only started half sense denial when it seems the bishops are not dancing and singing halleluya to the hymnal.

For him [Ikenna] to still earn our money despite the government chant of “it wasn’t us”, simply sent a message which my old man interpret as “nwata nna ya dunyere ori ,na eji okpa agbawa uzo” [a child who has his father’’s blessing for robbery ,will kick down doors with confidence ].

[2] The arrogant prick who also said that you are not competent of being the chief security officer of the state because the only continuity you allowed was the core 47 terrorist, which your deputy governor by arrangement ,Mr Chinedu Obidiegwu said was a plot by obi and Prez Jonathan. By so saying he reduced the powers in your office to nothing but as long as he casted aspersion on Okwute , it doesn’t matter .

The truth was that after he made that stupid accusation which the government recanted as usual but many days after they felt that damages has been done in full.

To show that it was a mission accomplished ,he was promoted from SA political to deputy governor without swear inn duties ,because  he was giving powers that are more greater than that of the first lady who people thought flex enormous power in this dispensation .

Talking about the deputy governor Dr Nkem Okeke, the treatment that handsome dude is receiving is so bad .when i learn on how over some good chilled of champagne it was toasted what the executive power can do and undo , then a case that was used as reference point was; when the deputy governor was sent to represent the state at World Igbo Congress in Detroit, the young man dusted his bags and left, only for him to be midair and he was recalled . Let me rephrase , he was in London when he was humiliated with a call that requested him to come back that the SSG has been sent instead to stand in for the state . That is worse than what he receives in functions and I plead that such will provoke more bitterness . Continue …

If this two clowns are still calling shots and dancing skelewu in  your government ,then I can only say to Okwute ndi Igbo to beware of a reconcile enemy for the purpose maybe to correct what wasn’t done in the first part . I am sure that if he thinks that this is peace move, then he should understand that abs hasn’t finished with his editorials and there are more empty DVDs in the market that can be used to record more “inconsistent of a man”.

Moving on –

Sir, this war against ndi Nnewi is getting scarier by the day. A month after swear inn , you started by kicking Ekeson motors out of business by destroying his park at Onuicha without warning or providing alternative venue , as we were still pondering over that ,then you move against another powerful Nnewi son , the manufacturer  or say the first West African full auto manufacturer ,Mr Innoson Of Innoson vehicle motors  .

You started importing cars from India ,same brand that he makes at cheaper price and higher quality, then other states learn the act from you and helped in kicking the young man out of business , now he is about to go belly up. Your government bought plastic dust bin which I am sure had it been that Tata motors fabricate that , then it must be imported as well , but thank god Tata is not supplying it and we buy just few  from him which we know may not be up to monthly payment we give to LRC but it made network news , the message was same: “Run Ndi Nnewi Out Of Business .”

That stage is somehow bad until you signed that one of the brighter stars coming out of Nnewi ,a young dynamic man that is carving his niche in technological field Mr Valentine Amala Ulasi, a civil servant of repute ,you personally sent a memo to head of service to sack the guy just because they accused him of been Akuko Si Anambra which you know that the Akuko Si Anambra is your Chief Asiri Vendor ,the man na akuru gi asiri about every other staff ,the man that always love to know who comes and goes ,the man that is always close to you  for reasons best known to you ,same man that takes credit of all the media victory during campaign despite the fact that what he contributed was copy and paste what others did.

Sir, have you wondered why he has more than 7 e mail pseudo accounts that he uses on yahoo groups? Well that is how he sends information as anonymous to people that will use it ,that is the one he cannot use on any of his pseudo on facebook.

Have you wondered why anytime there is move to have an understanding of peace , he will attack the people involved . Especially those that are trying to make up their mind and when that is done , hostility will escalate . He is the devil’s advocate , just ask those that have dealt with him before now and you will understand half of treachery he is…

Moving on , this young man from Nnewi also tasted the bad vibe, he was sacked even after he answered the query issued to him and the committee confirmed that he is innocent of the accusation .

My question becomes: what wrong had ndi Nnewi done to you? Then I suspected that somebody maybe getting back at Ikemba Nnewi for something he is not sharing, the hatred oozing toward them is not that enduring at all.

 Unless it is because of that expo snatching from Ifeanyi Ubah during debate and it was chalked on the wall for every onye Nnewi as a mark of Cain.

Signing out: I will tell you in all sincerity that she made a good case ,in fact I was impressed with her reasoning and cravings but , after sleeping , thinking and soul searching . I seek the face of God who gave me the burden and the mission , I came to a conclusion which is not what I would,ve love to do . I would’ve loved to do what journalists and politicians do best , get what they can and face opposite direction , but I won’t have peace of mind and the angels will not be kind to me .

Therefore i concluded that , may my tongue glue to the roof of my mouth if i do such a despicable deed, I am not doing this to impress anybody or be on anybody’s good book , I am doing a service to the state and if the people cannot pay me ,then posterity may pay me or pay my children and on that note i made the following declaration…

The march continues; the march stops when there is total reconciliation with Okwute and then…

[1] those that worked throughout your campaign on social media ,they were casted out into dry land while you brought in complete charlatans to enjoy the sweat of their brows . This set of irritants is only making enemies instead of making case for you.

[2] during the campaign ,maybe they did not tell you but i will remind you ,the man on whose shoulder was laid the media success, Mr Val  called all the media and social media team under the fruit tree beside the lawn tennis court in the lodge and besiege them to give their best toward your election that rain must fall within days ,,well they went to work and my team on social media went to tougher work and we delivered , but the crisis we are having now is “oji anyi nile ugwo”.

[3] the person that fought you the most ,the man that pour red oil on your white which we took time cleaning with dedication ,the man that swore that it will be over his living body will you be the governor, then after the battle ,now as we speak he is the consultant on media to your government , when those that shed blood and had sleepless night trying to contain same man are still waiting for the reward under that ukwu fruit and you want them to smile and say WIW?

Sir , what I know is that this same set of people will love to play that same role which the serial blackmailer played and got rewarded with the current juicy position . It means 2017 will spew more of formidable media tough nuts and they will work with vengeance and pay back .

Mazi Odera

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