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Open Letter To The People Of Ambazonia

Dear Ambazonians; I am honored to write to you great people of Ambazonia and I want to reinforce that this letter is borne out of passion and from a lover of freedom. As a Biafran journalist; I have felt the impact of fighting for…

Open Letter To Dr Cho Ayaba Of Ambazonia

Dear Sir; I was so occupied that I couldn't follow up the exaggerated world press conference. When the funny world press conference with one Mr Nnamdi Kanu was announced; I thought I would follow the press conference on any world news…

Uzodinma, Lawan And The Big Lie

Senator Ahmed Lawan is, first, the President of Nigeria's Senate and, second, the man through whom Chief Hope Uzodinma has lately sought to twist the tales of misery in Imo State and beguile Nigerians as well. It is in the character of…