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Catholic Hospital accused of selling parts of dead patient in baby theft scandal

Published by The Eagle


A Catholic Hospital in Lagos, St. Raphael Divine Mercy Specialist Hospital, Ikorodu, has been accused by 31-year-old nurse, Faith Obinna, of stealing her baby moments after delivery.

The distraught woman insisted that she delivered twins and that one of them was stolen at the labour room of the hospital before she could recover from anaesthesia by the medical personnel.

Obinna explained that anaesthesia was given to her before a Caesarean Section was carried out on her to bring out the twins.

She said the anaesthesia was given to her even after she had told doctors at the hospital that she didn’t want it.

According to her, she had the CS on March 6, 2020 and recovered to see doctor presenting her with a baby, while she was expecting twins.

She insisted that her second baby was stolen by the hospital.

She further explained after registering at the hospital, she was asked to carry out three scans and each showed the two babies.

She said that even the heart beats of the two babies were different and that the laboratory technician showed her everything on the screen of the scan machine.

The scan also showed that one of the babies was a boy, but the sex of the other couldn’t be determined because its leg covered the sex organ.

Obinna said: “On the first day I registered at the hospital, one doctor Ade that attended to me asked me to go for scan.

“The scan showed twins.

“The pregnancy was then four months.

“The second scan was to determine the sex of the babies.

“One was a boy, but the technician couldn’t tell the sex of the other baby because its leg covered the organ part.

“I was later handed over to Doctor Uzoma, who took care of me until delivery.”

Obinna explained that in the process of subsequent ante-natal visits, Uzoma asked her to do another scan, which she did.

Doctor Uzoma, a consultant gynaecologist, who said that he took delivery of Obinna, along with six other doctors, said: “First of all, it’s not my hospital, it’s a Catholic Hospital.

“I’m a consultant gynaecologist with the hospital.

“Faith Obinna was my patient.

“I gave her my phone number; if I wanted to steal her baby, I wouldn’t have given her my number.

“The true situation of things is that in November 2019, I asked her to do a scan, which she did in the hospital, with one of our male staffs.

“The scan showed two foetuses.”

Uzoma explained that in January, Obinna did another scan with a female staff, which showed a single foetus.

While the scan was ongoing, Obinna said the previous scan revealed two babies, so the male staff who conducted the first scan was invited, to take a look.

The male staff said that he saw two foetuses, while the female staff argued that it was one foetus.

Uzoma added: “The female staff asked him to write the report of the scan, which she signed without informing any of the doctors.

“Unfortunately, when Faith did the third scan, still by the male staff, two foetuses were confirmed.

“Clinically, Faith has a big belly.

“The hospital worked based on the scan report.

“We prepared for the delivery of two babies.

“On the day of the CS, we had seven doctors in the hospital, including myself and the CMD, who is an orthopaedic surgeon.

“She was delivered of one baby and immediately we brought her husband into the theatre to see for himself, while she was still open.

“He wasn’t surprised because the first scan she did elsewhere confirmed one.”

According to Uzoma, a few days later, Obinna and her husband dragged the management to Alagbon Police Station, where the case is presently being investigated.

They have also served a court notification order demanding for N250 million.

The Doctor added: “Never for once did we offer them money.

“The management of the hospital only asked them not to pay the balance of the bill since they claimed they spent more money buying double baby items.

“Unfortunately, they have continued to threaten the hospital and management.”

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