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Chacha’s Disappearance & Presumed Death: Reinstating DPA’s Commitment To Justice


In May 2016, an Abuja-based woman,  Charity Chidiebere Aiyedegbon (Chacha), was reported missing by her friends on the social media. On or about 11th June 2016, some of her friends reported her case to DPA, through messages directed to the Facebook inbox of the Founder of DPA. Chacha’s friends called for urgent assistance from DPA in helping to search for and possibly find the whereabouts of Chacha.

By the time DPA was contacted, Chacha had been missing for over a month. Chacha’s friends that contacted DPA were anxious and alarmed.

They feared that Chacha’s disappearance involved some foul play and most of them pointed to Chacha’s posts on the social media, in which she accused her estranged husband, Mr.  David Aiyedegbon, of domestic violence and abuse, and of plotting to kill her.

DPA felt it had the resources to help search for a missing person that was so visible and active on the social media, as Chacha was. Those resources comprised mainly the size of its membership, then 65,000 members who were active on social media and cross-members of many social media groups.

Also,  DPA had at its disposal two law firms it was affiliated to in the United States and Nigeria, which it could rely on for help as the need might arise.  DPA accepted to help in the Chacha case.

In June of, 2016, by the time DPA got involved in the Chacha case,  the Nigerian police,  Abuja command had been on the case for nearly a month, but had not made any progress in finding Chacha or in explaining what happened. By then all the police had done was to arrest two men known to have had some association with Chacha.

One of them, John (or Jo), had been in police custody for over 2 weeks. The second man arrested was one Kelvin.  There was really no reason to arrest these men except that they were Chacha’s friends and someone pointed that out to the police.

The two men were eventually released and were never invited back to the police, thus confirming two things – one, that there was no legitimate investigative reason to detain them for over two weeks and two, that the police had no clear idea of what happened to Chacha.

DPA alerted its members and began the series of analysis and information sharing that led to the discovery of possible connection between Chacha and the case of an unidentified body found in an Abuja location.

Interestingly, the police was aware of the unidentified body. The police processed the case, but strangely failed to connect the body with Chacha. The two signals the police unit that processed the case had sent to the command headquarters were ignored.

Charity Chidiebere Aiyedegbon [Chacha]
DPA was informed about the case of the unidentified body.  Given the space and timeline analysis or coincidences,  DPA focused on the case of the unidentified body. DPA’s investigation led it to the conclusion that the unidentified body was Chacha’s.

DPA also obtained information as to where the unidentified body was buried, and DPA requested that the grave be marked to enable subsequent forensic investigations that might lead to proper identification by the police and Chacha’s relatives.

Since the revelation of DPA’s findings and conclusions about the unidentified body,  Chacha’s estranged husband and the Abuja police command have waged relentless war against DPA for no other reason than the fact that it conducted research that revealed important truths about the case.

That war led to the arrests and thumped up murder charges against the Founder of DPA after a sustained smear and harassment campaign by the police.

It is clear that the police is hell-bent on covering up what happened in the case. The suppression of truth and cover-up have been quite clear and elaborate. Even after filing false murder charges against the DPA Founder,  the elaborate scheme to suppress the truth has continued.

For instance,  after the court proceedings on 16th May,  2016, David Aiyedegbon took a group of people he had assembled to where the unidentified body of Chacha was buried, for some social media propaganda purpose.

The individuals involved are already making claims and insinuations as to how Mr. Aiyedegbon loved his “beloved wife,  Chacha” and how he recently decorated her grave. (Note that it was partly through the efforts of DPA that the Sanitation authorities marked the grave.  Otherwise,  it was an unmarked grave).  We find such propaganda extremely offensive and quite an insult on the memory of Chacha.

DPA had always believed that Mr. Aiyedegbon had not been truthful about what happened between him and Chacha which probably led to her fate.  Testimonies at the trial so far have revealed important information previously unknown to DPA.

For instance, David left Nigeria for Turkey on 7th May,  2016 and Chacha is presumed to have been killed two days later.  David says he was in Turkey when he was informed by their daughter, Juliet,  that Chacha was missing.

DPA always found the alibi of not being in Nigeria on the critical date interesting. It was particularly troubling that the police apparently failed to thoroughly investigate that trip to Turkey.

DPA previously reported that it has evidence that the police and David knew as far back as July,  2016 that the unidentified body was Chacha’s, but they tried to suppress that information for more than two years.  Why?

DPA also previously reported that David and the police had lied that the body was exhumed and tested and was found not to be Chacha’s. Why such lies?  But even more troubling is the alternative conclusion that they never bothered to conduct any test.  Why would they not?

We believe that there was a test,  such test came positive for identification, but the result was suppressed or distorted.  It seemed that the police were not ready to admit that the body was Chacha’s or that Chacha was dead until they had found some convenient suspects to blame the crime on.

DPA is not a party to the current trials. Yet,  we are bound to restrain ourselves in the comments we make regarding the facts of the case.

But it became necessary for us to make this post in view of the fact that Mr. David Aiyedegbon apparently sponsored a propaganda team to visit the grave of Chacha and use such visit an opportunity to make posts on social media against DPA.

Also, what is contained in this post are facts already published by DPA before the filing of the criminal charges. DPA is watching these trials as they evolve. We remain committed to justice for Chacha. We hope that these trials will bring out the truth that has been so ruthlessly suppressed by the police.


DPA maintains that all parties in a criminal cases, whether charged yet or not,  are presumed innocent. We also acknowledge that DPA is not a law enforcement agency and may not possess all the information there is on any case it investigates.

Indeed, DPA only just discovered that in 2014, David Aiyedegbon had filed a missing person report against Chacha, and that in 2016 when Chacha disappeared, he not only filed another missing person’s report but continued to argue that she was only missing for two years after he was informed that she was dead.

So,  those reading this post must not take it as having any bearing on the outcome of the cases in court.  DPA wants to avoid any appearance of making any predictions on the cases in court. Only the court which reviews all the evidence before it can render judgment on the case.

DPA Admin

Maryland,  US

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