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Change We Must Embrace

Change is a phenomena that portrays the exchange or turns of event. It is a situation where things are done differently, from the usual. Change will only be effective when looking at its effect, when the effect is not felt, it can never be change. The change must be felt either positively or negatively.

One may ask, where lie the Nigeria change or Buhari change agenda? 

Nigeria is termed to be rich and endowed with wealth of mineral resources, but the majority of its people wallow in abject poverty, hence where lies the wealth of the nation.

Prior to the change agenda, the country’s wealth has been in the hands of few Nigerians (individuals), who termed themselves Lords over others, untouchables and above the law. No wonder laud hues and cries follows whenever they are eventually touched.

The decadence both political and otherwise,wss so bad, that few individuals sat on the wealth of the nation. They are very rich to the extent that they are richer than the country.  Most political decisions are taken on their behalf and in the interest of such few elites, instead of the poor majority who are in mass. That was why the situation in the country for a very long time, from the military era refused to change.

If there should be change eventually, should things still remain the same? Should the wealth of the nation lie in the hands of few individuals? Should Nigerians go cap in hands to these few individuals for the provision of such essential amenities in their communities such as, pipe borne water, electricity and other essentials things of life?

The continuity of such situation means that there is not yet the change expected, things are still the same. Hence we must see the change and embrace it.

Nigeria is a noisy country, where everybody wants his voice to be heard louder than others. Governors wants their  voices heard louder than the President. Local Government Chairmen wants their voices louder than the Governors. Where lies the work?  Motion without movement, at the end the country suffers  lack of productivity, both in political sphere and business wise.

Government machinery fighting over whose voices will be heard loudest, than whose work will be more positive to the masses run counter productive.

The change mantra, means that we must change from the old ways of doing things. Those in government must not be seen as Lords, they must  be seen as servants of the people who they are meant to serve.

 Ministers should not be heard but seen in action through their works (output) in their ministries, to better the lives of the masses.

The House of Assembly should not be heard individually but seen in mass, through enactment of laws that will better the wellbeing of the masses they are meant to serve.

It is only when this is achieved that we will see the real change, which will now bring the needed dividend that will oil the mechanism of the wealth of creation. Then the country will bounce back to its real self as it were in the 80’s when university undergraduates were paid bursary allowances and provided with free lunch at the expence of the nation.

Those that the country brought up through scholarship awards, and free overseas training should not destroy the country, because those before them did not destroy the country.  If they had done so, most of them today would not be where they find themselves today.


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