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Charley Nwonye’s Submission About Nzuko-Ora Nnewi Town Hall Is Celebration Of Ignorance —Ikedoji

Inasmuch as Charley Nwonye is the President General of Uruagu Nnewi Community , which is an appendage of the town union; his personal problem with the President General of Nzuko-Ora Nnewi has beclouded his sense of judgement.

I may not wish to adjudicate on the personal relationship between him and Udemezue, but I will educate him on the project without asking questions on his claims of being a professional engineer as man according to Protagoras is “the measure of all things; of those things he said they are, they are and of those things he said they are not, they are not” – so President Charles Nwonye is free to refer to himself as a professional engineer.

The structure in question was designed by our engineer, but redesigned by the state government committee and the cost was fashioned out by the government.

The government engineer estimated the building to cost 50 million and since we were anticipating 40 million naira from state government, Dr. Cletus Ibeto accepted to bring the balance of 10 million. It’s on this bases that the government approved the building.

So the claim by Charley Nwonye that he will build the same structure for 20 million is very humorous and flippant , even malicious. It says slot about him being a professional engineer.

A structural engineer of repute has finally studied the building and after his test, submitted report to government and government being satisfied with the report have long released fund to the contractor to continue his work.

I am only trying to set the record straight and wouldn’t like to join issues with Charley Nwonye on leadership experience, because the formation I received is strictly and practically pastoral and I have numerous practical cum literally exposure on the subject matter.

Charley Nwonye may be a professional engineer as he claims, but lacks fundamental knowledge on political administration in general and Nnewi political structure cum function in particular.

Therefore, I strongly advice the PG of Uruagu to consult the Secretary General of Nzuko-Ora Nnewi who is the principal officer representing him in Nzuko Ora NNEWI , before commenting on matters of NNEWI Public Policy or should consult the Obi of Uruagu Nnewi, before making press releases in the name of the community.

To the best of my knowledge, Uruagu as a community is not having problem with any project of Nzuko Ora NNEWI.

More importantly the charismatic Obi Uruagu Nnewi enjoys wonderful relationship both with the leadership of Nzuko Ora Nnewi and Igwe Nnewi.

Sir. Augustine Ike (KSJI) [Ikedoji]
Publicity Secretary Nzuko Ora Nnewi

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