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Charly Boy Attacks Visa-Free Policy, Says Buhari Is Correct Witch

Adds Buhari set to conquer and enslave innocent citizens to submission through high debt


Popular musician and human rights activist, Charly Boy has taken a swipe at President Muhammadu Buhari, whom he addressed as “Major-General Buhari” over the recent visa-free policy meant to take off in January 2020 and the high debt accumulated under his administration.

Charly Boy made his position known in a post he made on one of his social media handles  this week.

The musician turned human rights activist, while reminiscing on the idea that “as from January 2020 there would no longer be a visa requirement for Africans to come to Nigeria”, said Nigerians “don enter the real one chance for Buhari hand”.

He wondered why of all people in north and West Africa it is the Fulani people that all nations of Africa reject are same “Emperor Buhari” will give a homeland in Nigeria.

He stated: “Major-General Buhari na correct winch I swear.

“E say, as from January 2020 there would no longer be a visa requirement for Africans to come to Nigeria.

“O boy, we don enter the real one chance for Buhari hand.

“These Fulani people of north and west Africa wey all nations for Africa dey reject na eim wey Empero Buhari wan give dem a homeland of their own, in Nigeria.

“My people heavy wahala dey do press up dey come.”

He recalled what a menace the Fulani “strange bed fellows in guise of herdsmen” are constituting all over South Eastern Nigeria.

He said: “Go to the remotest South East, strange bed fellows in guise of herdsmen and buisness people are all over.

“From the west to the east we have been infiltrated by strangers.

“Your guess is as good as mine, about what’s up.

“We must be vigilant my people, we are surrounded by strange people’s.

On the fast rising debt being accumulated by the Buhari administration, Charly Boy said:

“Wahala Dey. Buhari never start de gbege, dey send am. 

“There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation. One is by using terror, to scare innocent citizens to submission. The other is by debt.”

“The money Buhari has borrowed in the past 3yrs is more than the money Nigeria borrowed in thirty years before 2015 combined.

“Apart from his people pocketing most of it, guess where the rest are going to?”

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