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Chi Ukwu (The Supreme Being) cannot be found in Foolishness, Hatred or Bloodshed!



Having had some interesting discuss with a true diehard Biafran who is of the view that the new Biafra cannot be actualized without bloodshed (war), my question to him was simple, fight with whom? Are the innocent millions who lost their lives during the Biafra/Nigeria war, the innocent millions who continue to lose their lives in this failed abominable entity called Nigeria, and the millions of living dead not enough bloodshed?

In the Biafra/Nigeria war, the coalition against Biafra was put together with lies, misinformation, and lack of knowledge. Today, that is not the case, the ethnic nationalities are better informed and most of them regret the part they were fooled into playing even as they fought against their collective interest. After more than 40 plus years of controlled anarchy, misrule, open looting and pillaging, deliberate pauperization of the masses, it can be confidently stated that that regressive coalition led by the born-to-rule that considered Nigeria their property to do as they saw fit is practically dead!

In less than 16 years, ‘Ama Ama Amasi Amasi – the Unknowable and Unfathomable One’, having heard the cry of the innocent dead, the living dead, and the pauperized masses, working through a handful of brethren who had embraced the greatest philosophical equation of life, ‘Eziokwu bu Ndu or Truth = Life’ no matter the consequences; who understanding that the embrace of sacred cows and selective amnesia was the curse responsible for the endemic suffering of the ethnic nationalities especially the Igbo, even as they continued to cry to a Supreme Being that had turned His/Her face away from them, since Chi Ukwu cannot be found in foolishness, lies, hatred, wickedness, or bloodshed, who finally relented and gave the ethnic nationalities the solution to the mirage of an abomination of a country, ‘the British Birthed Abomination’ Nigeria; whose implementation will finally lead to the demise of Nigeria:

Every ethnic nationality must control 100% of their political space;

Every ethnic nationality must control 100% of their boundaries;

Every ethnic nationality must control 100% of their resources;

Every ethnic nationality must speak for itself;

Every ethnic nationality must grow at its own pace;

Every ethnic nationality must govern/rule themselves;

Every ethnic nationality must make the ultimate decision whether to continue in Nigeria or not.

How can any ethnic nationality accuse anyone of trying to dominate them when the power over themselves lay in their own hands?

How can any ethnic nationality accuse any of holding them back when they are in full control of their affairs and destiny?

Who can each ethnic nationality point to but their sons and daughters for their problems?

If each ethnic nationality is responsible for its own fate, does this not negate the born-to-rule regressive coalition’s modus operandi and its propensity to use anarchy, lies and hatred to get their way in Nigeria?

“The new nation called Nigeria should be an estate of our great grandfather Uthman Dan Fodio. We must ruthlessly prevent a change of power. We use the minorities in the North as willing tools and the South as a conquered territory and never allow them to rule over us and never allow them to have control over their future”. 

(Parrot Newspaper, 12th October, 1960, recalled by Tribune, 13th November, 2002).

Yes, the die is cast! No longer can a handful of individuals control the destiny of hundreds of ethnic nationalities and their suffering teaming masses imprisoned in the failed state Nigeria.

Again, I ask, fight with whom?

No, there will be no war;

Appeasement will no longer work;

The contradictions within Nigeria will definitely tear it apart;

Oil and water will never mix;

Ethnic nationalities with nothing in common will in due time drift apart and go their separate ways;

Ethnic nationalities will commonality of interests will in due time congregate together to form new nations;

The National Conference will finally expose these endemic and unbridgeable flaws;

There will be no meeting of the minds since it is an impossibility;

There will be no give and take since Nigeria was clobbered together in dishonor, falsehood and lies;

Those with all the inbuilt advantages will not give and in fact will demand more;

Even the diehard one-Nigerians will finally admit that Nigeria was a mistake;

Yes, the ethnic nationalities will bow to the aspirations of the long suffering masses;

Bye Bye Nigeria;

A great country you could have been;

The pride of Africa was yours to claim;

But hate and enslavement you embraced;

A burden to the world you had become;

Your death the whole world will celebrate!

Even as false Messiahs continue to multiply and lay claim and attempt to fill the void created, even as fringe groups crawl out of the woodwork proclaiming to have all the answers, preaching and spreading hatred and trying to outdo each other, Oha better be warned, do not take your lives cheaply just to massage the ego of any confused individual. Carefully examine the records of those who claim to have all the answers before you throw away your lives. There are no Messiahs but the reflection you see when you look into the mirror – collective responsibility and collective leadership, a correct and thousands of years proven extrapolation of the Igbo way, left us by our fore-parents, those who gave the world Igbo spirituality, the root of all religions; Ohacracy, the servant leadership collective form of democracy, of which democracy is a subset; the rule of law, where there are no sacred cows nor selective amnesia accepted; where transparency and accountability are demanded and expected from those who step forward to serve.

You have been warned even as it is pointed that your life is yours to do as you see fit, but to un-necessarily throw it away is tantamount to suicide, an abomination. The dead cannot build Biafara; giving your lives for what you believe in is admirable but leaving the field wide open to those whose agenda is to rape, pillage and loot, even as you, those ready to build the nation of our dreams are no longer around to bring about the agreed vision is a sin to humanity.

What Igbo expect from those who choose to serve Oha:

“The data confirm that credibility is the foundation of leadership. But what is credibility behaviorally? How do we know it when we see it?

We’ve asked this question of tens of thousands of people around the globe, and the response we get is essentially the same, regardless of how it may be phrased. Here are some of the common phrases people use to describe how they know credibility when they see it:

– They practice what they preach.

– They walk the walk.

– Their actions are consistent with their words.

– They put their money where their mouth is.

– They follow through on their promises.

– They do what they say they will do.

– A judgment of ‘credible’ is handed down when words and deeds are consonant. If people don’t see consistency, they conclude that the leader is, at best, not really serious, or, at worst, an outright hypocrite. If leaders espouse one set of values but personally practice another, people find them to be duplicitous. If leaders practice what they preach, people are more willing to entrust them with their livelihood and even their lives.

Far more insidious than any of these potential problems, however, is the treachery of hubris. Its fun to be a leader, gratifying to have influence, and exhilarating to have scores of people cheering your every word. In many all-too-subtle ways, its easy to be seduced by power and importance. All evil leaders have been infected with the disease of hubris, becoming bloated with an exaggerated sense of self and pursuing their own sinister ends. How then can we avoid it?

Humility is the only way to resolve the conflicts and contradictions of leadership. You can avoid excessive pride only if you recognize that you’re human and need help of others. Exemplary leaders know that ‘you can’t do it alone,’ and they act accordingly. They lack the pride and pretense displayed by many leaders who succeed in the short term but leave behind a weak organization that fails to remain viable after their departure. Instead, with self-effacing humor and generous and sincere credit to others, humble leaders get higher and higher levels of performance.”

Leadership Challenge

Kouzes & Posner

Let those who choose of their own free will to serve Oha be forewarned that the time when Oha stood by helplessly even as 419’ers and traitors found their way into leadership positions through hook or crook, as she was raped again and again, is a thing of the past; this time around it is an ideological war and they should expect vigorous opposition. It is not about the actualization of Biafra, no, it is about the type of nation we build.

“The Igbo believe in ‘OGU’, a concept that does not exist in the English language, but that can best be translated as ‘TRUTH-JUSTlCE’. It is, in fact, Ogu that is implied in the above quotation about Ofo, as Ofo is a symbol of a people’s commitment to universal force Truth-Justice, Ogu. The Igbo believe that this force will ultimately win in the cosmic struggle between good and evil and are minded, therefore, minded towards alignment with a winning party. It is the duty of all aligned with Ogu to fight for truth-justice, anywhere, whether the issue at stake directly concerns them or not. This is why the Igbo gets involved in struggles for truth and justice, anywhere.


The Igbo believe that a nation abandoned to evil men becomes an evil nation ‘A HAPURU NDI ARU OBODO YA AGHO OBODO NDI ARU’. They would not want to be part of an evil nation. A righteous nation must emerge to accommodate their just aspiration to achieve freedom in truth, and the welfare of all.”

The world struggle for a just World

Maazi Chidi G. Osuagwu, PhD

The question that Ndi Igbo, especially Igbo Diaspora and Igbo intelligentsia must now answer is: 

Have they finally buried the Politics of Appeasement and the Conspiracy of Silence and have they embraced the Igbo way of life built on the unshakable and fearless stand on truth (Eziokwu bu ndu – truth is life)?

Have they finally thrown off the cloak of defeat?

Are they finally willing to embrace the COLLECTIVE?

Are they finally ready to move the Igbo agenda?

Do they finally understand that the vision is doable?



Let us be reminded of our goals:

– An Igbo nation that within five years after retaking control of Igbo political space will be on its way to becoming an advanced nation and a world power;

– An Igbo nation that is technologically on par or more advanced than any other nation in the world, and a beacon of hope and inspiration for all black nations worldwide;

– An Igbo nation where its citizens are amongst the best paid around the world; 

– An Igbo nation where the leadership are once more servants of Oha and step down if and when Oha is unhappy with their services; 

“IN IGBO SOCIETY POWER BELONGS TO THE PEOPLE. Ndi Igbo elect their own leaders and tell their leaders what to do and how to lead them. Ndi Igbo have never accepted “rulers”, not even when the British imposed warrant chiefs on them.”

Leadership Series

Ekwe Nche Research Institute/Organization

An Igbo nation where the government is built on OHACRACY, the Collective servant Leadership form of democracy;

“The Igbo believed a thousands ago, and today, that political power and the economy should be controlled by ‘all the people’, to avoid injustice. No one man can be father of all – OTU ONYE ANAGHI AWU NNAM OHA.”

The world struggle for a just World

Maazi Chidi G. Osuagwu, PhD

An Igbo nation that respects the human Rights and religious freedoms of her citizenry;

“The ancient Igbo contemplated this phenomenon of worldview and concluded that there is no universal worldview. Uwa Awughi Otu! Different men, different worldviews! One man, one worldview! Those who claim to share God’s view on the world would be considered mad and allowed to be by the ancient Igbo. The Igbo do not trust the individual mind, which they hold, is subject to illusion (agwo otu onye huru n’agho eke! Based on this profound conclusion, ancient Igbo civilization had granted man such far-reaching fundamental freedoms that still appears strange or incredible to many other peoples.

Freedom to be, ONYENANKEYA!

Freedom to a world frame, ONYENUWAYA!

Freedom of thought, ONYENUCHEYA!

Freedom of religion, ONYENACHIYA!


The Igbo and all Eastern Nigerians, who indeed share the same cultural framework, do not want an unjust society – Whether it is called Biafra, Nigeria or ‘British’ is not the issue. They just don’t want an unjust society. They do not subscribe to a society that subscribes to Joseph Stalin’s dictum, ‘it matters not who cast the vote, it does matter who counts the votes’. Eastern Nigerians would want a society that ensures that the counter is not Mr. Tortoise. They just lack the skill in enduring injustice as some others because of their peculiar worldview and history. In any case they don’t want injustice in a community of which they are part. Any community that plans to have them, as members, must be prepared to be just.” 

The world struggle for a just World

Maazi Chidi G. Osuagwu, PhD

And other listings that we come up with that will help create the nation of our dreams. 

“The Igbo mind dreams of a humane and pure society like ancient Biafra – A return to an ancestral dream society. The reason for such a dream is that the Igbo still live with the worldview and philosophical foundation of such a society.”


The world struggle for a just World

Maazi Chidi G. Osuagwu, PhD

Let the journey to the nation of our dreams, the next emerging superpower, the land flowing with milk and honey, the beacon on a mountain top, the pride of the whole world, continue.


Maazi Nnaemeka Mene Onumonu-Uzoaru

Oha Ka (The People are SUPREME)

Ancient (in training) Igbo/Biafara Analyst, Strategist and Long Range Planner.

Founding Member: Peaceful Actualization of Biafara & Global Igbo Renaissance

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