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Childish lies always coming from Agu Awka Obiano


Why has Gov. Willie Obiano decided he will govern Anambra State through lies and lies and lies?

Does truth hurt him? What does he gain by telling lies that are not necessary?

Two days ago, he travelled to China on a delegation led by the Governor of Zamfara State.

Why would the State owned ABS radio station announce that Gov. Willie Obiano is the leader of the delegation?

Why would they say that he was chosen because he is the best Governor in the South- East? Why create enmity for himself?

This is the first time he is on Federal Government delegation under President Buhari, yet  Gov. Rochas Okorocha, who has been in almost Mr. President’s delegations led by Mr. President himself has never said such a thing.


Rather than quietly remain part of the delegation, Obiano said he was in China to woo Chinese people to invest in Onitsha Port and the  Enugu –Onitsha dual carriage way. 

These are federal Government owned projects. 

When has a State Government got the right to discuss with other countries about federal projects? 

What actually is this man trying to achieve?

We remember that the reconstruction of the Express road delayed because the former Governor was trying to obtain permission so that the State would be paid back. 

The federal Government first permitted him to do Head Bridge to Upper Iweka, which after completion, he did Upper Iweka to Zik’s Round About, and from there to Nkpor (Including flyover) and from there to where it is now. 

Shortly before he left, they permitted him to do Amansea to Amawbia, which he started in earnest. 

Before leaving office,   he made sure he left the money for its completion.

Rather than continue according to plan, finish Amansea to Amawbia and start Amawbia to Umunya, Gov. Willie Obiano, without planning  started three meaningless flyovers   and put the money Obi left for the roads into those flyovers. 

Today the express is not passable.

What is heart-breaking is that the Federal Government did not give any approval for those flyovers to be constructed and therefore will not  pay Anambra State back.

Please join hands to tell Obiano that governance is not a show business, but serious matter requiring utmost intellectual engagement.

Other lies by Obiano:

1.     He  squandered over 75 Billion his predecessor left for him and said it’s was only 9 Billion. The money saved in dollars he called “near cash.”

2.     He is taking over 1 Billion Naira monthly as security votes

3.     He has bought houses in many parts of the world and the country, the last being no. 10 Ruxton road Ikoyi, which he bought for 1.8 Billion. 

The house is empty with armed security man guarding the place. He has refused to park in because of public outcry. 

He originally had I house at Chevron estate, but it has increased to three

4.     He is in the habit of claiming roads and projects his predecessors started and completed as his own by commissioning them examples are the Material testing laboratory at the Ministry of Works, Old Nkpor-Awka road, Nimo road, IGR building along the express

5.     He has over 600 Assistants (60% from his town) and is appointing more, some are  his girlfriends or children of his girlfriend as that of the former Speaker, Hon. Chinwe Nwebili.

6.     He drinks costliest champagnes and often gets drunk.

7.     He hosts parties every weekend and usually  collects people’s Phones at security to avoid videoing of his inappropriate behavior as when he touched the buttocks of the former Speaker and said it “has gallops”

8.     Even when he has abandoned all the road projects in Anambra he lies to the people of the State that he had completed all of them

9.     He lies that he had attracted 4.2 Billion Dollars to Anambra State, which is more than one trillion Naira. Only those that believe Ugu scam will believe in this

10. He lied that Anambra is now exporting tomatoes and even went  and published tomatoes farms in other countries as being farms in Anambra State  See the link of one of the farms he published : https://youngfamersfoundation.wordpress.com/…/teacher…/

11. We have official pimps for Obiano some of which are Mr. Uche Nworah of ABS

By Tony Umeh


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