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Chimamanda Scolds ‘Self Entitled’ Nigerian Twitter Youths In Three Part Essay

By Centus Nweze


Globally acclaimed writer and activist, Chimamanda Adichie, has come down hard on a group of social media army she identifies as ‘self entitled’, ready to ruin hard earned reputations and personality as a step up to fame not minding the damage left in its wake, in a three part essay which centers on encounters with her mentees back in Lagos.

The writer wrote personally from her encounters with a young non binary gender personality that should neither be referred to as a he or she or it.

‘They’ as she referred to the person, was part of a young writers’ clinic she mentored some time back in Lagos.

The writer went ahead to describe her relation with the young writer as it spiralled into obsessive invasiveness.

Attempt at gently putting social distances between them, Adichie, insinuated, led to later social media attack on her person by ‘them’.

Adichie believes that there are growing classes of vicious social media activists looking to make it big at the expense of established personality and not minding the ruin that results from such exploitation.

“When you are a public figure, people will write and say false things about you.

“It comes with the territory. Many of those things you brush aside.

“Many you ignore. The people close to you advise you that silence is best. And it often is.

“Sometimes, though, silence makes a lie begin to take on the shimmer of truth.

“In this age of social media, where a story travels the world in minutes, silence sometimes means that other people can hijack your story and soon, their false version becomes the defining story about you,” Adichie narrated in her essay.

She continued, “There are many social-media-savvy people who are choking on sanctimony and lacking in compassion, who can fluidly pontificate on Twitter about kindness but are unable to actually show kindness.

“People whose social media lives are case studies in emotional aridity. People for whom friendship, and its expectations of loyalty and compassion and support, no longer matter.

“People who claim to love literature – the messy stories of our humanity – but are also monomaniacally obsessed with whatever is the prevailing ideological orthodoxy.

“People who demand that you denounce your friends for flimsy reasons in order to remain a member of the chosen puritan class.

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