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Chris Agbobu: Between falsehood and statesmanship


Chris Agbobu

Photo: PDP chieftain in Delta State, Chief Chris Agbobu bashing Chief Hyacinth Enuha for scoring the Governor of Delta State, Ifeanyi Okowa low

If beggars belief that at a time, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is apologising to Nigerians for ruining the nation, Chief Chris Agbobu of Delta state PDP and a former Minister of Defence has chosen the path of a lap dog at his age. 

What people do, especially as elder statesmen is to declare the truth. But not Chief Agbobu. 

He has shirked his responsibilities to not only his local government, Aniocha South, but to Anioma nation and the whole of Delta state by taking a swipe at the well-respected Chief Hyacinth Enuha who merely exercised his rights to free speech by holding to account the lack-lustre government in Delta state.

Every citizen, both young and old, has the constitutional mandate to speak as they deem fit, regarding the services or lack of it, from those they have elected or as the custom is in Delta state, those that imposed themselves on the people of the state. 

That’s all Chief Hyacinth Enuha did. 

Chief Enuha is a noble man, brave and courageous. 

It takes honour and strength of Character for a man to walk away from PDP in its heydays when they held sway over the nation and mercilessly, at his state level, shared the revenue that accrued to all Deltans among themselves. 

A look at Asaba, Warri, Ughelli, etc, would easily confirm the observations of Chief Enuha. 

Chief Enuha had opined that Dr. Okowa’s administration was a total disappointment, a ridicule and an outright disgrace to the Anioma nation. 

Rightly so as many Anioma people clamoured for an Anioma born governor, hoping that such a one, would make a difference in the lives of Deltans. 

There are no signs that this would be the case. 

Chief Enuha further described the people of Anioma as a people of integrity, dedication and diligence adding that Anioma people are known for high performance operations. 

Like the responsible elder he is, Chief Enuha however commended all Deltans for their understanding and patience, while pleading with them not to lose their patience with the Anioma-born Governor Ifeanyi Okowa. 

Chief Enuha also, apologised to the Delta State Civil Servants who are bearing the brunt of the sin they didn’t commit through non-payment of salaries. 

Chief Enuha is not alone in this opinion. Some weeks back, Engr. Victor Ochei, a former Speaker of the Delta State House of Assembly and prominent former PDP chieftain in the state was blunt, 

He said, “We must say here and now that of a truth PDP is miles away from good governance in Delta State and the time to face reality is NOW. 

“We truly share the views of the vast majority of Deltans which is, that PDP cannot provide the needed leadership and not capable of delivering the dividends of democracy.

“16 years of PDP’s failure in Delta is no joke and our people are groaning and yearning for CHANGE, development and good governance”

This is from a PDP insider, who has, over the last few months, fled the stench that is the Delta state PDP. 

Edo state government does not receive as high a revenue as Delta state but is able to pay salaries. 

Aniocha South, Chris Agbobu’s and Chief Enuha’s immediate constituency, while owing salaries, found it convenient, to allegedly dole out substantial amount of cash for frivolities. 

Talk of misplacement of priorities! Salary arrears, running into months, are yet to be paid.

It’s also common knowledge that Deltans are disappointed at the level of performance of Dr Okowa’s administration. 

They are also alleging that the only shuffle in Governor Okowa’s government, can be seen only in his local government area, where, again it’s being alleged that he is using state funds to implement Constituency Projects he was paid for, when he was a Senator. 

There’s hardship everywhere and Deltans understand the situation facing them. Deltans understand that Dr Okowa inherited at the state level, what President Muhammadu Buhari inherited in a higher proportion at the national level. 

The difference here is that Dr. Okowa has been part of the decay In Delta State. 

Consequently, while probes are on-going at the federal level and funds are being recovered by President Buhari, Dr Okowa has called on the laudable steps of the federal government in fighting corruption, to cease, essentially becoming the mouth piece of pro corruption league in Nigeria. 

In effect, he clearly told Deltans he was not willing to recover any stolen funds from Delta State looters. He eminently became the official voice of anti-War Against Corruption (WAC). 

This means that the people of Delta state, continue to be losers as no effort is being made to recover the billions, if not more, in looted funds and abandoned projects that were fully paid for. 

Corruption is the reason Delta state remains a backward state. 

Deltans are, therefore, still in shock that Gov. Okowa called on the Federal government to stop the war on corruption. 

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