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Christian Chukwu: Femi Otedola An Unbiased Patriotic Nigerian —Group



We the leaders of Coalition of South East Youth Leaders (COSEYL), the apex socio-political group and the umbrella body of all the Youth organizations in the South East zone warmly appreciate a patriotic, philanthropic and humble gentle man with a golden heart, Mr. Femi Otedola who generously paid the medical bills of former national team captain and coach , Christian Chukwu, ex-international Mr. Peter Fregene, Actor Sadiq Dada popularly known as Bitrus because of the role he played in an NTA series ” cock crow at dawn” 40 years ago and others numerous to mention.

People with the kind of Otedola’s heart and uncommon goodwill are very difficult to find in our time especially now that things are a little bit harsh for some people. People are only interested about themselves and family.

He never knew them from Adam , he heard of their appeal for help on the media and he came to their rescue. We thank him immensely for this Noble goodwill and patriotic service to humanity.

What Otedola did for Christian Chukwu , Peter Fergene, Sadiq Dada and others have gone a long way to reinforce the believe of Nigerians who serve their fatherland meritoriously and selflessly that they will not be forgotten . Even if the government forget but good patriotic Nigerians will not forget them.

The kindness Otedola showed to Christian Chukwu and others will go a long way to assure our current players in the national team and other sports that once they serve their country with all their hearts and strength that they will not be forgotten or abandoned.

He have demonstrate uncommon love and care towards the health of Nigerians he has never met or had any personal encounter with .

His patriotic disposition towards Nigerians with life threatening illness and health challenges is second to none. He is indeed an epitome of love .

His beneficence towards mankind will never be forgotten in the our generation and generations yet unborn.

Otedola philanthropic gestures is at par with biggest philanthropist in the world like Warren Buffett , Bill and Melinda Gates , Michael Bloomberg , George Soros because those that benefited from his benignancy are not his brothers, sisters, nephews, kinsmen, cousins or people from his state of origin. He assist whoever that God tells him to help. His God sent to mankind.

Mr. Femi Otedola’s philanthropic gestures is worthy of emulation and we urge other Nigerians who are blessed to extend the same goodwill to other Nigerians.

We therefore urge the federal government to give Mr Femi Otedola a National Honour in order to spur him to do more and to also encourage other Nigerians to know that doing good pays and its rewarding to be a good citizen.


Goodluck Egwu Ibem
President General

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