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Chronicle of Buhari’s hatred for Igbos (Part 2) ~ By Chuks Ikedigwe 


Before 2015, AHMB had attempted to govern the country again by contesting for the presidency in 2003, 2007 and 2011. However, in 2003 and 2007, AHMB had used 2 Igbos as his running mates in a bid to confuse and dodge his hatred for the Igbos but in those times, the citizenry saw him for who truly he was: an undemocratic and unrepentant tyrant. Thus, on those occasions rejected him at the polls.

These Igbo sons that he had adopted as his running mates on those occasions will however not live long thereafter. They will both die in mysterious circumstances that have baffled even event watchers and which has been described in some quarters as ‘’using the blood of my enemies to prepare for my future success’’ in order to have the opportunity to deal with them.

In the run up to the 2015 elections, the tyrant will however be repackaged and presented as a REPENTANT DEMOCRATIC who was now ready to abide by democratic tenets and who has mellowed down on his ‘’I must deal with the Igbos vow’’. However, Knowing that a Leopard doesn’t change it’s spots, yours sincerely had warned that electing AHMB was a disaster waiting to happen.

In the build up to the election campaigns and in spirit of giving second chance, same Buhari came to campaign in all the Igbo states without getting any bad press, we gave him an Igbo name (Mazi Okechukwu), special Igbo titles (Enyi Ndi Aba 1 and Ogbuagu 1) and also ‘’some votes’’.

However, immediately the African Hitler won, his hatred for Igbos got rekindled. He called us ‘’THE 5 PERCENTERS’’ and as well as vowed that we can only get what the constitution allows us from him and has gone ahead to implement his vow to the latter.

If only treating us as “5 percenters” and allowing us to co-habit in peace was all that we got, we would have even clapped that he was truly a repentant tyrant, at least partially. But the truth is that AHMB was not done with ‘’dealing’’ with the Igbo Biafrans.

Just in few months into his reign, he had dispatched his murderous military to Onitsha to kill peaceful and armless Igbo youths who were on Biafra evangelism within their neighborhood. At the end of the unprovoked shooting on the cool and breezing Sunday evening of 30th August, 2015, 3 innocent Igbo lives were killed with many injured.

From then afterwards, killing of Igbo youths as a means of ‘’dealing with the Igbos’’ became a state sponsored program resulting in the killings of over 200 Igbo youths before the end of 2015. If the president had claimed that he had issues with peaceful protesting Igbos youth, what problem did he have with 8 jubilating Igbo youths that his soldiers killed on 18th December, 2015 in Onitsha?

These 8 Igbo youths were murdered for celebrating the Abuja High Court ordered release of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra. An order the AHMB will in his usual I must ‘’deal with them the Igbos’’ ensured was not obeyed.

In all these senseless killings, the government headed by Buhari never condemn the killings for one single day. Rather we have a DUTY TO CRUSH THEM since they are Igbos became his government daily HATE FILLED CONFESSIONS on all the country’s media platforms.

The display of his hatred will however get worse with the turn of the Year 2016 as AHMB will throw caution to the thin air and get very dirty.

Kidnapping and killing of Igbos Biafrans became so pronounced that no week passed without Buhari’s GESTAPO DSS kidnapping and ‘’wasting’’ some Igbo lives.

Igbo owned businesses were not spared the hate as his government took decisions that were targeted at strangulating Igbo owned businesses to death.

On February 9th, 2016 Igbo youths praying for God’s intervention about the trial of Nnamdi Kanu in a secluded school compound were shot with live bullets at the orders of the African Hitler. By the time the shooting which was caught on camera was over, 22 Igbo youths were stone dead in cold blood with as much as 30 critically injured.
Not done with his ‘’dealing of the Igbos’’, Buhari’s GESTAPO DSS and the Army will go for the ‘’big kill’’ on the 30th of May, 2016 a day set aside for the remembrance of Igbos and others Biafrans who had been murdered at various times and places in Nigeria especially those who were killed during the 1966 – 70 conflict.

It’s to be noted that this remembrance anniversary had taken place in 2014 and 2015 peacefully inspite of the massive turnout. However, ‘’Mr Deal with the Igbos’’ was determined to accomplish his hatred on this occasion.

In a premeditated and well coordinated ‘’killing of Igbos spree’’ which started at about 11:30pm at Saint Edmund Catholic, Nkpor where mostly Igbos Biafrans had gathered to pass the night in readiness for the next day’s Biafran Heroes day event. Sleeping Igbo youths were rounded up in the church premises and murdered. The Killings will however continue throughout the anniversary day of 30th May, 2016 as Biafrans especially Igbos attending the event were ambushed in all axis from Asaba end of the Niger Bridge to the Awka -Enugu expressway leading to Onitsha. Not even the Nnewi road entrance to Nkpor was spared nor the Obosi – Ogidi entrance. Infact, Onitsha was on lock down on that day. The epic center of the killings remained the Nkpor venue of the anniversary. By the time the Igbo motivated shooting died down by the 7pm on the event day, over 140 Igbo youths in their prime were murdered.

More 30 will later die in various hospitals that they rushed to and over 100 still in different hospitals with terminal injuries. If killing them was all that happened, we would still console ourselves by the fact that we saw their corpse to give them benefitting burial.

Buhari’s GESTAPO DSS and the Army made sure that most of the corpse of the innocent murdered Igbo youths were carted away. Yours sincerely saw over 8 Hilux Army Vans loaded with corpse of these youths with the killers rejoicing and hailing one and another for Buhari’s ordered killings well executed on that day.

Not done with just ‘’dealing with the Igbos’’ by killing, The African Hitler will however order for the ‘’harvesting’’ of the body parts of these ‘’well dealt with Igbos’’ before going ahead to give them MASS BURIAL after having their knife butchered corpse were DOUSED WITH RAW ACID inside the Onitsha military barrack cementary where they were buried. The mass burial and the harvesting of the body parts of these murdered Igbo youths was AHMB’s own way of ‘’spiting on the dealt with Igbos’’ because he was well aware that Igbo culture and tradition forbids mass burial and harvesting of body parts of the dead without the express permission of the dead before his death or the family.

Out of hatred for the Igbos, Same Buhari will again vow that he will rather be drowned in same River with Biafrans especially Igbos than allow them same right to self-determination that he advocated and supported before UN for Palestinian People and those of Western Sahara because in his thought he has not dealt with the Igbos enough now that he has the golden opportunity.

Buhari had in his address before the UN in 2015 stated that ‘’Peaceful co-existence and right to self-determination are the founding principles of the union………Neither do we have the moral right to deny ANY PEOPLE their freedom or condemn them indefinitely to occupation and bloackade’’

One is now left wondering and asking the moral right that same Buhari has that have seen him vowing to deny Igbos (Biafrans) their right to self- determination and freedom as enshrined in the UN charter on the right of the indigenous people and condemn them indefinitely to occupation and bloackade if not HATRED?

The African Hilter may use his hatred for the Igbos to outshine the white German Nazi Adolf Hitler whose hatred for the Jews saw him supervising the killing of over 6million people of Jewish origins. The Igbo blood thirsty nature of the AHMB has even made him became the President who has supervised the highest killings of people in a DEMOCRATIC SETTING OR ENVIRONMENT in the first one year of this reign worldwide. A record that will definitely be hard to beat in centuries to come if not in millenniums. Offcourse, most of the murdered being Igbo Biafrans.

AHMB can continue with his hatred for the Igbos but must avoid trying to play the victims card after committing so much atrocities against us because we are empathically keeping and chronicling the records of his crimes against us for posterity because an Igbo proverb says ‘’After the race, comes the counting of the distance covered’’.

Now still presents a golden opportunity for AHMB to study history and learn from what became of the murderer, German Adolf Hitler whose protégé he has chosen to become and what became of him when it was time to count the distance after the race he ran with his GESTAPO POLICE: suicide!


Chuks Ikedigwe wrote from Lagos. And can be reached on = chosen_04@yahoo.com

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