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Chukwuma Soludo having a hard time in Anambra Guber race

By Collins Opurozor

Chukwuma Soludo is not finding it easy in the Anambra governorship race. Unless he is assisted by Gov Obiano, we may see the former Central Bank Governor and Professor of Economics beaten at the primaries by his kinsman called Oba Aguata.

You see, understanding party politics is a necessity in every party-based democracy. Soludo has good plans, speaks good English, has good and impressive résumé and is a known face and name. But all these make little meaning in party politics. Every politics is local. Your ability to offer leadership to the party faithful in your area counts more than big grammar.

Two things count most to every political party while nominating a candidate. First, who the party oligarchy can trust. Second, whose emergence will be acceptable to a majority of party faithful. Once these two criteria are met, the party can deploy its machinery to sell even a butterfly to the people as a bird, and the people will buy it.

Soludo, a bright and beautiful scholar, is completely far from chasing the nomination of his party, APGA. While he is busy with groups like U-AWA and U-AYA which create a false impression of popularity, his major rival, a core party man, is consolidating his grip on the structures of the party.

Everything is possible in politics. But everything also has repercussions in politics. For Soludo to win the nomination, a lot of norms need to be broken, and so much must be conceded to keep the party in tact.

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