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CJN Saga: Our Mumu Should End — OurMumuDonDo Movement


OurMumuDonDo Movement views with grave concern the recent unconstitutional, malevolent and reckless removal of the head of the Judiciary arm of government by President Buhari.

We are alarmed because it seems that the ruling party and the opposition party intend to throw Nigeria into conflagration over their desperation to hold on to power against the wishes of Nigerians who have realized that governance in Nigeria has been an endless dash of hope, betrayal of trust and rape of dignity, and have resolved to terminate the reign of error, terror and corruption in the NIGERIAN polity.

First, we are against all forms of corruption, whether in the Judiciary, Legislature or Executive arm of government.

We have mobilized against corruption in all branches of government, and will yet do as we deem necessary.

But we denounce and resist every fraudulent attempt by a regime neck-deep in corruption to manipulate allegations of corruption to destroy the separation of power and rule of law that support the pillars of democratic liberties.

Buhari’s suspension of a sitting Chief Justice of Nigeria notwithstanding the justification is unprecedented gangsterism.

We are also ashamed that the Judiciary and its self-acclaimed legal luminaries cannot cleanse themselves of corruption and would need a tyrant to use their malfeasance to destroy democracy.

This is a shame! We have to stamp out corruption and dictatorship together as a malignant twin presently defacing our dearly beloved country.

We call on the NJC to immediately reinstate the CJN and nullify Buhari’s unconstitutional action.

Thereafter, the NJC should boldly exercise its authority to suspend the CJN and thoroughly investigate the allegations labelled against him while ensuring that a devious tyrant does not leech on this as excuse to scuttle a free and fair election and truncate this our so fragile democracy.

We will mobilize Nigerian youths to say NO to judicial corruption and executive gangsterism. Both are unacceptable and unwelcome in Nigeria.

Against this backdrop, we therefore call on President Buhari to have respect for our Constitution by restoring the CJN to his seat and to apologize to Nigerians for your unprovoked attack against democracy in Nigeria.

Thereafter, as previously stated, allow the NJC to carry out their constitutional obligation.

This too shall Pass.



President of Frustrated Nigerians

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