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Clark: Power must shift to South East in 2023


A 92-year-old elder statesman, Chief Edwin Kiagbodo Clark has issued a strong warning to any group or region pushing against the Southeast producing the next President come 2023.

The former Federal Commissioner for Information said it would be dangerous to sideline the Igbo, adding that the amalgamation of South and Northern Nigeria, when it was made, was not made that one group of people either the North or the South should be superior to the other.

Clark, the National Leader of the Pan Niger Delta Forum, PANDEF, pointed out that after President Muhammadu Buhari’s eight years in 2023, power should shift to the East.

“We have just finished one election, but if we are talking about rotation it has been there, ” he told Sun.

“One of the reasons given against President Jonathan in the past was that he did not obey the rotation order of the presidency.

“Now after it has been zoned to the North, after eight years it will come to the South and I am surprised at those who are now talking nonsense, people wanting to become president of Nigeria from certain southern area when the whole of the East, which is a very vital part of this country, no matter whatever anybody says, the Southeast is a very important part of this country before and after independence, you cannot push them aside.

“You just cannot. They must be considered in any rotational matter about the presidency for 2023. It is funny somebody just coming out, saying that rotation is abolished, that it does not exist because one competent or intelligent fellow is needed.

“Are you telling me that the six zones in Nigeria that there is no zone that cannot produce competent, transparent, intelligent people to run the affairs of this country?”

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