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Clark: We Don’t Want Scapegoats, We Want The Real Goats —Ijaw Group


Ijaw Nation must get to the bottom of this assault. The emerging stories surrounding what is fast becoming an illegality as the days go by must be the truth and nothing but the truth.

The dismissal of inspectors Godwin Musa, Sada Abubakar and Yabo Paul from the service for the unauthorised, illegal and unprofessional misconduct in the search of the residence of Chief Edwin Clark in Asokoro, Abuja, is just the beginning.

That the ASP David Dominic who led the operation had been queried and was being investigated for  discreditable conduct, negligence of duty and act unbecoming of a police officer and that the ASP too may be dismissed is a poor and disgraceful attempt at a cover-up, and most unbecoming of the Police force of Nigeria.

This is another attempt to further insult and assault the intelligence of Ijaw people and all intelligent Nigerians.

On the 7th of August 2018 as early as 6am if not earlier masked men claiming to be from the Department of State Service, and acting on orders laid siege to the National Assembly in Abuja the Capital of Nigeria. 

Hours later the Director General of Department of State Service (DSS) Lawal Daura was fired by the Acting President Yemi Osinbajo. 

It is worthy of note that Lawal Daura was called out of years of retirement and appointment as the DG DSS, he is also a family relative of President  Buhari.

DG Daura was replaced with the next Senior officer available, Mr. Matthew Seiyefa.

Days after the dismissal of Daura and the appointment of Seiyefa the headlines screamed ‘the sacked DG of DSS Lawal Daura did not act alone when he laid siege at the National Assembly, that he did executed the coup against the voice of the people on behalf of National Interest, the decision included principal officers of sister agencies.

All these accusations and denials between the security agencies are efforts to justify the unjustifiable.

It is claimed that all the effective changes Mr. Seiyefa have done since he assumed office, he has been forced to reverse them.

If this be the case then the police can also reverse the dismissal of the police men who were merely carrying out orders.

It is worthy of note that Mr. Seiyefa is of the Ijaw Ethnic nationality, same as Chief Edwin Clark, perhaps this is why the DSS did not carry out this action.

We are sure this action against Chief Clerk would have been more sensational than what it is today if it had been carried out by the DSS.

The dismissal of the officers that raided Chief Clarks home is an attempt to cover up the disregard to rule of law and to infuse fear into law abiding citizens by this government.

If police officers have to be dismissed it will not be before a detailed investigation which will be made public.

To dismiss the three police officers who went to Chief E K Clark’s house on higher orders and shield the ogas at the top that sent them is unfair and cowardly.

Who authorised the request for a court order for the search of Chief Clark’s home?

What was the evidence that justified the issuance of the court order?

Who spoke with Dr Igali while the officers were in Chief Clark’s home, and spoke to the officers in Hausa?

Who said they were not aware of the search and yet did not call off the search?

Who did the officers report back to when they went back to Police HQ?

Who signed and why sign a report that nothing was found if the police WAS not aware and did not authorise a search on Chief Clark’s home?

If these questions are not answered then the dismissal of the officers is fishy.

A chain of events were set in motion that lead to the raid and search of Chief Clark’s home.

A court order to search the home of anyone is a lawful process and no one is exempted but it must be done to threaten, blackmail or intimidate any citizen, definitely not against a people along the lines of ethnicity and religion.

Elders and elder Statesmen from Northern part of Nigeria in the rank of Chief Clark have expressed their opinion on National issues and have even called for the removal of the Buhari lead government come 2019, some have said that President Buhari has failed not only Nigeria but his own people and region, none of their homes have been invaded, none have been embarrassed and put in harm’s way.

This action of the Nigerian Police against Chief Clark is against the people he belongs to and we are highly offended and angry.

The police officers who went to Chief Clark’s home are attached to the squad at the police HQ.

If President Buhari is not aware of these illegalities been carried out in his name, then everyone working with or around President Buhari hate him, want him not only to fail but want to throw this country finally into the pit under President Buhari’s watch for reasons best known to them.

The Ijaw Republican Assembly is convinced that this is the beginning of a process set in motion to push the Ijaw Ethnic nationality to react violently but we have chosen to react intellectually by discussing our positions and understanding of what transpired and why it was set in motion.

We have been calling on all Ijaws to be calm and maintain this call to be calm.

The Ijaw Republican (IRA) do hereby after due considerations call on the leader of PANDEF Chief E K Clark, and the whole PANDEF movement who the Federal Government started talks with in 2016, PANDEF have had several talks with the Vice President Osinbajo and a few with President Buhari, PANDEF have a 16 point agenda it presented to the President on behalf of the Niger Delta peoples, to stop any further discussion with the government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria on behalf of Ijaw people.

We say Ijaw people because we are aware that PANDEF is a movement of the Niger Delta not only Ijaws.

It is the demand of the Ijaw Republican Assembly (IRA) that any further discussion with the Federal Republic of Nigeria as lead by the President Buhari  lead APC government does not include the Ijaw Ethnic Nationality, and therefore all previously agreed terms and further to be agreed terms is no longer binding on the people of Ijaw Nation.

The Ijaw Republican Assembly (IRA) demand on Chief E K Clark that any further discussions to be held with the Federal Republic of Nigeria on behalf of the Ijaw people be held in his home, as an 82 years old States man of Ijaw Nation and of Nigeria he has earned that respect.

He is not an employee of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The Ijaw Republican Assembly have taken these positions because there is a saying in Kalabari that says ‘someone who will separate a fight should first separate the quarrel’.

This action against Chief Clark was deliberately taken to provoke the Ijaws. 

The fact that the action actually took place means the Nigeria police and the president believes that Chief E K Clark is an arms dealer, that they did not even find an expended bullet is an act of God of peace, the same police could easily have planted false proof in their search, and the story would be different today.

This action against the Ijaw people is still loading… we have never imagined ourselves to be any other people than Creek, Mangrove and Swamp people.

The Niger Delta resources is been taken to Abuja, and people outside the Niger Delta may own and control the Resources of Ijaw and Niger Delta people for now, but it will not be forever.

This attack on Chief E K Clerk is not about Chief E K Clerk it is about Ijaw and Niger Delta people and their resources.

This too will pass, and we will win!

For: Ijaw Republican Assembly (IRA)

Annkio Briggs (Spokesperson)

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