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CLO Drags Obiano, Former S/East Governors To Court Over Accountability


Under the Democracy and Governance Project of the CLO, the South East Zone of the CLO has decided to be more assertive in monitoring activities and political actions in the zone in order to ensure good governance.  

Without  shying away from the traditional activities of advocacy in issues of human rights protection, we decided to get actively engaged in governance advocacy because it is the output, action and inactions of those in governance that determine the fate of the people development wise. 

We cannot fold our hands and watch mediocrity take over excellence or do we keep silent while those in power amass public wealth and drop crumbs for the boys thereby widening the inequality gap, spreading poverty and underdevelopment in the process.

The docility among the critical mass in the South East is the reason why those in power do everything they like and get away with it. 

The system has bred unnecessary hero-worshipping, too many youths and people who can only be used as rented crowd at any political gathering and the dangerous situation of winner-takes-all. 

Buying of votes on Election Day has come to stay in Igbo land and those who seek such elective posts do everything to amass enough financial muscle that will be used to prosecute such election to win and the people suffer in the long run.

We have resolved to say that “Enough is Enough”.  

Starting from Anambra State whose guber election is slated for this year, we are poised to critically engage government through all the ingredients of civil society participation which includes advocacy, litigations, protests, rallies, etc.

Under the Freedom of Information Act, we are requesting for a full disclosure of the financial accruals and expenditures of the Governments of the five South East States under the tenures of both serving and former Governors. 

We shall go to court to achieve this if they fail to comply.  

In Anambra, the Chinwoke Mbadinuju, Chris Ngige (Though court declared him illegal governor), Peter Obi and the incumbent, Willie Obiano should get ready. 

Enugu, Chimaroke, Chime and Ugwuanyi should remain prepared, the same thing goes for Ebonyi – Egwu, Elechi and Umahi; Imo 

Udenwa, Ohakim and Okorocha, and Abia, Kalu, Orji and Ikpeazu. .

The public need to know the actual security votes collected by each of the serving and former governors of the zone and how it was being expended.  

The retirement allowance of each governor , serving or former, how much are their actual entitlements as Governors and how much has been spent in the illegal office of the First lady even when they will quickly deny that government doesn’t fund any of the Governor’s wives and their pet projects.  

What is the financial standing of such states presently, their debt profiles etc. In Anambra, the courts when we get there, will settle the matter on who was actually lying and saying the truth about savings and investments received or handed over to Obiano by Obi.

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The Wikipedia defines Good Governance as “an indeterminate term used in the international development literature to describe how public institutions conduct public affairs and manage public resources.

In another definition of good governance by the Social Research Center of the American University in Cairo (AUC) (quoted by Comrade Chris McCool Nwosu in a paper he delivered recently in Awka), Good governance  is “among other things , participatory, transparent and accountable, it is also effective and equitable and promotes rule of law fairly. 

“Good governance ensures that the voices of the poorest and the most vulnerable are heard in decision making over the allocation of development resources and that political , social and economic priorities are based on broad consensus among the three stakeholders , the state, private sector and civil society . 

“All three stakeholders are critical for sustaining human development:  The state creates a conducive political and legal environment; the private sector generates jobs and income; and civil society facilitates political and social interaction. 

“With the advent of globalization and the integration of economies, the state’s task is also to find a balance between taking advantage of emerging market opportunities and providing a secure and stable social and economic environment domestically”

From the foregoing, good governance is a subset of governance and effective democratic forms of governance relies on public participation, accountability and transparency.

Good governance whether in political or economic decision making has six components which include, (a) Leaders/Decision makers, (b) Constituencies, (c) An Agenda (d) Institutions (e) Information, and (d) Accountability Processes. Each of the six conceptual frameworks is an enabler. 

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