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Confused about the Great Igbo Debate – by Emeka Uzoaru

My confusion should now be obvious – The core-North has already seceded and yet the Igbo are being asked to debate a nonexistent entity, whether Ndi Igbo should remain part of a fantasy with a seceded entity, core-North or Republic of Arewa, that has already opted out of Nigeria and still wants to remain part of Nigeria? WOW, what a debate!

The ‘Great Igbo Debate’ announced with much funfair, to be held in Texas, a concept that should be easy to comprehend seem to confuse me immeasurably. I seem unable to understand my cluelessness or what can only be considered denseness at such simple a concept.

Allow me to refer in toto to a March 20, 2000 write-up (Debate SNC? Too Late for That!):


Debate SNC? Too Late for That!

 Debate SNC? Too late for that, the debate should be about the new emerging real African countries that are born from Nigeria. 


“If you don’t implement Shariah your faith became questionable.” — Umaru Dikko.

“There is nothing like my position as a former Head of State. This is an issue of Sharia and so it should rather be my position as a Muslim. I am a Muslim.”

— Major-General Muhammadu Buhari

“By the way whether one likes it or not, Muslims are in the majority in this country. So no going back on Sharia now.”


President Alhaji Shehu Shagari

As events continue to unfold in Nigeria, as all the experts continue to prescribe cures for the ailing nation, it is important that we step back and take a really careful look at the patient. Is the patient still alive or is all the treatment for naught?

If the patient is no longer alive, at what point did the patient give up the ghost?

In this write-up I will contend and prove that there was never a country called Nigeria. And if there was never such a country, how can one cure something that never existed in the first place?

This nonexistent entity called Nigeria, some say comprises of 13 to 250 ethnic groups. The number for this write-up is really not important. The forms of governments of these groups range from Hausa-Fulani Feudalism at one end and Igbo Ohacracy at the other end. Herein lies the death blow to this non-entity. For FEUDALISM and OHACRACY (government by the people) cannot and will never exist under the same umbrella. ONE WILL BY NATURE SEEK TO DESTROY THE OTHER!

It is already common knowledge that the feudal masters refused independence when it was first offered – they were not ready!

In a speech by one of Africa’s greatest statesmen, President Julius Nyerere, he had this to say: “Indeed the Southern States of the Federation – which includes Biafra – delayed their own demands for independence until the North was ready to join them. At the insistence of the North also, the original suggestion of the National Council for Nigeria and the Cameroons (the political party which had its centre in the South) that Nigeria should be broken up into many small states with a strong centre, was abandoned. The South accepted a structure which virtually allowed the more populous North to dominate the rest.” As can be seen from above the South had hence compromised and handed over to the North just about everything the Northern Feudal Masters wanted. Yet hate and distrust continued to fester.

Let’s take a look at some quotes from these great statesmen and founding fathers of this monster – Nigeria, about their fellow citizens:

ALHAJI SIR AHMADU BELLO, K.B.E., Sardauna of Sokoto (The Premier): “It is my most earnest desire that every post in the region, however small it is, to be filled by a Northerner.”

ALHAJI MUSTAFA ISMALIA ZANNA DUJUNA (minister of Establishments and Training):

“Mr. Chairman, Sir, since 1955 this government had laid down a policy. First NORTHERNERS, second EXPATRIATES and third, NON-NORTHERNERS.”

ALHAJI IBPAHIM MUSA GASHASH, O.B.E. (Minister of Land and Survey): “Mr. Chairman, Sir, I do not like to take up much of the time of this House in making explanations, but I would like to assure Members that having heard their demands about Ibos holding land in Northern Nigeria my Ministry will do all it can to see that the demands of members are met. How to do this, when to do it, all this should not be disclosed. In the course, you will all see what will happen.”


This abomination of a country was an entity that was built on hate! As long as Ndi Igbo and other nations maintained their Ohacratic forms of government, they were a threat to these Feudal Lords and one way or the other had to be eliminated. This is understandable, for their brand of Feudalism to continue to exist, their subjects must remain ignorant and misinformed (this might also explain why despite the fact that billions of dollars had been pumped into the core North, yet educationally it continues to lag behind other areas of the country). Ohacracy challenged this basic assumption. In Ohacracy equality of all was stressed. Even more insulting was the belief that every man was king in his home – an abominable thought to the feudal lords.

Is it then a surprise that there continues to be pogroms and genocides against Igbo and other nations with same belief system in the North?

The Statesman, Julius Nyerere continues: “Surely when a whole people is rejected by the majority of the state in which they live, they must have the right to life under a different kind of arrangement which does secure their existence. States are made to serve people; governments are established to protect the citizens of a state against external enemies and internal wrong-doers.”

He continued: “For while people have a duty to defend the integrity of their state, and even to die in its defense, this duty stems from the fact that it is theirs, and that it is important to their wellbeing and to the future of their children. When the state ceases to stand for honor, the protection, and the wellbeing of its citizens, then it is no longer the instrument of those it has rejected. In such a case the people have the right to create another instrument for their protection – in other words, to create another state. This right cannot be abrogated by constitutions, nor by outsiders. The basis of statehood, and of unity can only be general acceptance by the participants. When more than twelve million people have become convinced that they are rejected, and that there is no longer any basis for unity between them and other groups of people, then unity has ceased to exist. You cannot kill thousands of people, and keep killing more, in the name of unity. There is no unity between the dead and those who killed them; and there is no unity in slavery or domination.”

Since Nigeria had and has never guaranteed the safety and well-being of sections of her citizenry, there obviously was and is not an entity called Nigeria, it is just a pipe dream and a figment of our imagination.

Now let’s for the sake of argument assume that there is such a country – Nigeria. On Wednesday, October 27, 1999, the Governor of Zamfara formally launched the implementation of Sharia law, the Islamic legal system, in the state.

What were the implications?

Let’s remember that Nigeria is a secular state.

Was there no warning of this impending disaster or crisis of monumental proportions?

In an article in Post Express (10/22/99) the Catholic Archbishop of Lagos, Most Rev. Anthony Olubunmi Okogie is quoted: “He remarked that Nigeria is a secular state and as such its secularity must be maintained by what he called contending sections.” To do otherwise, would threaten the corporate existence of the country.”

Also in another article in Post Express (10/18/99): “Prominent pro-democracy and human rights groups in the country have condemned the plan by Governor Ahmed Sani to transform Zamfara state into an Islamic state. Speaking in separate interviews with The Post Express, the groups described the governor’s intention as a breach of Nigeria’s constitution. According to the secretary of the committee for the Defense of Human Rights (CDHR), Mr. Shina Laremikan, although the constitution allowed the establishment of a Federal Sharia Court and empowers State Assemblies to set up special courts declaration of an area as Islamic state contravenes the Nigerian constitution.

His view was supported by human rights activist and legal practitioner, Mr. Titi Agunye who stated categorically that, it was impossible for state officials to impose Sharia laws as supreme in a federation that was constitutionally secular.”

These are just two of the many articles that tried to warn the country of the catastrophe that awaited it. As usual in its determination to continue the “Politics of Appeasement”, the country sat on its hands. For some reason the country continued to believe in the failed policy of “see no evil, hear no evil and say no evil”. Well, what the country feared most has befallen it. What the country sacrificed millions of innocent lives to achieve has become undone. The slogan “To keep Nigeria one is a task that must be done” is now dead for all practical purposes. With that first implementation of Sharia, the genie is out of the bottle!

Major-General Muhammadu Buhari has been vilified, insulted and abused for stating the simple truth by those one expects should know better. Just what is it that he said that is wrong? “There is nothing like my position as a former Head of State. This is an issue of Sharia and so it should rather be my position as a Muslim. I am a Muslim.”

What could be more true than the above? Do you expect him to deny his faith? Do you expect him to spit on his religion? Whose fault is it that those who insult him believe in nothing but money and power?

For those who still do not understand the gravity of the issue, Umaro Dikko had this to say: If you don’t implement Shariah your faith became questionable.” We should now start to understand why no practicing Moslem will raise any objection to the implementation of Sharia. It now becomes crystal clear why other Moslem states will have no choice but implement Sharia.

On Tuesday, 07, March, 2000. Vanguard carried this headline, “Emir back suspension of Sharia *Ondo Gov. blasts Buhari”.

But a careful perusal of the said article shows that the headline is all wrong. In fact the Headline of Vanguard: “Emirs keep mum on Sharia”, Sunday 12 March, 2000, is more appropriate. Lets remember who the Emirs are. They are the defenders of the faith! The last thing they would do is create any doubt amongst their followers.

On a Subheading in Vanguard: “Suspension of Sharia is Permanent, Afolabi”, under the Headline “Shagari faults National Council of States over Sharia *No going back on Sharia, says Zamfara AG”: “Internal Affairs Minister, Chief Sunday Afolabi, speaking on BBC yesterday said the withdrawal of the Sharia was final”.

Prediction: He will not hold that position for long!

In matters of faith, all bets are off!

Moslem North will implement Sharia, and they have every right to implement it. The only question is what will be the boundary of this new Islamic state? For the advocates of ‘one Nigeria’, they had better get used to living in an Islamic country.

The SNC debate is dead, there is no Nigeria, the new debate is: WHAT WILL BE THE BOUNDARY OF THE NEW EMERGING STATES? Every ethnic group must now speak up or forever remain silent. For those who refuse to speak up, others will make the supreme choice for them, and they must live with the result of their silence.

Those who have ears to hear let them hear!

Those who have eyes to read let them read!

You have been warned.

IT is written, so it shall be. ISEEEE!!!!




My confusion should now be obvious – The core-North has already seceded and yet the Igbo are being asked to debate a nonexistent entity, whether Ndi Igbo should remain part of a fantasy with a seceded entity, core-North or Republic of Arewa, that has already opted out of Nigeria and still wants to remain part of Nigeria? WOW, what a debate!

No insult meant, but only fools will lend themselves to such a debate. Let the core-North recant on the ‘Sharialization’ of the 12 Northern states with the Sarduana of Sokoto and All the Emirs leading the way before this donnybrook of a debate is implemented.

Nigeria is dead!

Long Live the Islamic Republic of Arewa!

Long Live the Republic of Oduduwa!

Long Live other African based Republics birthed from the just Demise of the ‘British Birthed Abomination’ and failed state, Nigeria!

Long Live Mother Africa.


Expectantly, waiting for enlightenment from the proposers of the ‘Great Igbo Debate’

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