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Conspiracy of state & geopolitical zone creation: Need for Igbo unification

By Igboayaka O Igboayaka


This conspiracy was not masterminded by Hausa/Fulani, but by Britain who saw Nigeria as a trading zone. The conspiracy to deal with Ndigbo was older than Nigeria even before 1914.

The war of 17th century where Igbos became a war lord race that saved Africa and won European’s powers was the beginning of all mother of plans to deal with Ndigbo.

The Amalgamation of 1914 was a master plan to keep Ndigbo into a perpetual political slavery. Amalgamation of Southern and Northern protectorate was not by accident.

The case of 1921 census was an eye-opener: Hausa/Fulani was 2.1m people, Yorubas was 2.1 also, but Igbo population was 3.9m. This history can’t be taught in any classroom in Nigeria… British government wouldn’t want such history.

Presently Ndigbo constitute 42.8% of Nigeria’s population. Anyone who doubt this fact should advice Nigeria to add state of origin/tribe in Census policy, I challenge you, Britain will advice Nigeria government not do it.

The policy of Census has made it possible that during census if you are an Igbo person living in Kano, Kaduna, Sokoto, etc., you will be counted as Sokoto or Kano population.

Why haven’t you wondered why state of origin or tribe is not included in the data of Nigeria Census? This is the finger of Britain to ensure that Igbo are depopulated in the census figure.

Over the years the quest for unification of Igbo race has been a very tough project due to the political concept of States and Zones. State Creation was a concept paper drafted by Britain to weaken the Igbos and thwart their unity.

The Igbos are the most prominent race in the world and very outstanding in Africa. We are gradually losing our Igbo identity and brotherhood as regards the domination of states or zones, as many Igbos claim indigene either by their state or zone.

It’s historic that from 1954 to 1964 a space ten years when Igbos were in unified government of Eastern region, they became the most fastest growing economy in the world.

It’s obvious after balkanization of the old Eastern region to various states, Alaigbo have continued to have a snail development.

It’s important to note that no man anywhere in any part of the state is more Igbo than the other. With facts on ground Ndigbo occupied presently 13 states in Nigeria, Southeast, South-south and North Central(Kogi & Benue)

In Benue, over 350 villages are of Igbo extraction, in Kogi over 75 villages are Igbo, in Edo over 60 villages, in Bayelsa over 25 villages, in Delta they have 9 local government, in Rivers 10 local government, in Cross River over 85 villages, and in Akwa Ibom over 30 villages.

With the past history, the truth remain that Ndigbo must seek to unify themselves across states to form a customary government in line with the UN International customary law.

The state creation concept is an attack to Igbo population. Today over 350 villages of Igbo extraction in Benue are counted as Northern people while their brothers in Nsukka are counted as Southeastern people.

This is a pure divide and rule politics to weaken the strength of Ndigbo and to turn brothers against brothers.

Ndigbo must cease to use state or zone indiscriminately against themselves and pursue their identity which have been put in doubt through state or zone identification.

We must not allow state or zone identification override our real origin or identity as Ndigbo.

An Igbo man anywhere is an Igbo whether he is in Southeast, South-South or North Central, and they have the same equal right. None is more Igbo than the other and there’s nothing like a core Igbo man.

With these noble facts and truth, the generation of new Igbo leaders have agreed to adopt and use National Action Group for Nigeria President of Igbo Extraction 2023 as a platform to champion the all-important and inclusive course for an Igbo person to be elected as the next president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Our vision and mission is not restricted to only Igbos in the so-called Southeast, our mission is across all Igbo ancestral origin. All of them are qualified and will have our support irrespective of the zone the person comes from.

This our belief and declaration is to solidify and reintegrate our brothers and sisters of Igbo origin into one sociopolitical family, thereby chatting the way forward for Igbo WORLDWIDE UNIFICATION.

National Action Group for Nigeria President of Igbo Extraction 2023

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